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2012 jisan valley rock festival




The Historic Concert of the World’s Champions of Rock in the 20th Century Held in Korea for the First Time ‘Creep’ by Radiohead, a British five-member rock band, was the song of the 20th century’. The band is widely known in Korea and since the release of [Pablo Honey] in 1993, it has become quite a worldwide phenomenon. Radiohead was certainly a major new talent burst onto the world of rock. The band was praised by fans every time it released an album. Even the critics could not help recognizing an outstanding sense of musicality from the band. Until the 8th album in 2011, [The King of Limbs] (the band has released 8 regular albums in total) and the critics and the fans again went wild for its music. Radiohead was always on the top of “Hopeful Lineup for Concert in Korea”, which proved that the band is the most wanted by the fans to be seen on a stage in Korea. As one of the rock bands that Koreans love the most, Radiohead was even called “the greatest musicians in history” by a magazine company, Rolling Stone.

The Black Skirts

The Well-made Pop Captured Hearts of the Public and the Critics. ‘The Black Skirts’ is a Korean Indie band of Singer-songwriter `Cho Holiday’. The band released their debut album [201] in 2008 which won the 7th Korean Pop Music Award for Best Modern Rock album. Since the release of the second album, [Don’t You Worry Baby I’m Only Swimming] in July 2012, ‘The Black Skirts’ has been presenting much more improved music skills. The music of the band has become varied, so the fans and the critics are enthusiastic about hearing the band. ‘The Black Skirts’ are now displaying its musical abilities and putting their old style jinx in the shade. The three brothers formed the incredibly popular band ‘Sanulrim’ in the late 70s. The band is considered as one of the most influential figures in the Korean Rock Scene and sadly disbanded in 2008. Later, ‘kim ChangWan’ formed a new band named ‘Kim ChangWan Band’ and continued his musical career as they had done previously.

Kim ChangWan Band

The history of Korean Rock ‘Kim ChangWan Band’, who has entertained audiences of all generations! The three brothers formed the incredibly popular band ‘Sanulrim’ in the late 70s. The band is considered as one of the most influential figures in the Korean Rock Scene and broke up in 2008. After then, ‘kim ChangWan’ made a new band named ‘Kim ChangWan Band’ and continuing as they had done previously.

Glen Chec

The Genius Electro-poptune, Two Boys Electro-pop band consisted of Kang Hyuk Jun(programming,synthesizer) and Kim June One(vocal, guitar) who have broaden the musical talents through UK, France, USA and Japan since his childhood. They met in high school and became 'The Closure' band in 2008. In 2011, they changed their band name to 'Glen Check' and released EP [DIsco Elevator]. The shophisticated music harmonized with retro style melodies, Britpop and electronic.


Top Quality Sounds with new melodies In 2008, the members were just high school students and showed surprising performance at the program 'School of Lock!' held by Sony Music and Tokyo FM. And they won judges' special prize. After graduating from high school, the band released the first mini album [Hello! 'Z'] in 2010 and the first single 'Charon' used as a CM song became very popular. In 2011, they participated in Summer Sonic, Rock in Japan and other distinguished festivals in Japan. The new single 'sharp#' released In April 2012 is used for the opening song of the Gundam series.


The Electronica Duo chosen by will.i.am, LMFAO Brown Eyed Girls, the girl group who brought the big sensation with the songs 'Abracadabra' and 'Sixth Sense', shows collaboration stage based on Electronica with will.i.am, LMFAO and DAZE47. Brown Eyed Girls' representative song Abracadabra, Sixth Sense, LOVE will be arranged and played by DAZE47's stylish electronica sounds and emotional progressive sounds.
This electrionica duo consisted of Do Ye Sung (DO YES) who became popular through the film 'A Frozen Flower', Atena:The Goddess of War, and other CF and the artist VENTROCK who is working on ADIDAS HipHop Festival, 4-minutes Japan SOUNDBEAT Concert and Musical 'Glass Shoes' sound track.

Dl gook hwa

The return of the Korea's music hero The pioneer of Korean Rock which consisted of vocal Jeon Inkwon, bass Choi Sungwon and drummer Joo Chankwon. In 1985, they showed up with their first album. Total three albums are released until 1995. The rebellious lyrics and Jeon Inkwon's vocal opened possibility of Korea's undergound music firstly. Deul Gook Hwa's 1st album was the best album in Korean and still has a strong influence on many Korean musicians. The band is re-forming with original members in 16years.


Mixing with spledid scratch play DJ CONAN always put on earphones since his childhood and had a chance to meet turntable and got into scratch so that he could show people his outstanding scratch. The music which is not staying only one genre and based on Old school, Funk and Disco with electro sound. It has also achieved recognition among many people.


From Alternative rock to Club Music, a brand new rock style Lowdown30 is a three member rock band organized in the year of 2000, and the members are Kim RakGun(Base), Kim TaeHyun along with the Yoon ByungJoo(Guitar/Vocal) from the `Noise Garden`. They pursue the internationally competitive originality of music based on blues rock with the superb instrumental skills of the members. Successful release of the debut album `JAIRA` in 2008, they released the album [Another Side of Jaira EP] in 2010 and now they got lots of appreciation from both the critics and the fans with the latest album [1] in 2012.


Showing Voice, Sounding Dream The postrock band, 6-member Loro's showed their best talents at Fall Ssamzie Sound Festival in 2006. The band released the first album [Pax] in 2008 and received a lot of praise. Also they took the best new artist award at Korean Pop Awards. In 2009, the members joined the army after releasing EP [Dream(s). In the fall of 2011l, they came back and currently doing live performance and composing songs. They sing the emotional Indie pop, postrock and crossoover music.

Black Bag

A gemstone with explosive potential They organized the band in 2008 with vocal Jang MinWoo, Guitar Jeff, Base Lee HyeJi and Drum Goo TaeWook, and played in many of live clubs around HongDae. They released their self-made EP 'intro our memory's...' in 2009, and performed in various music festivals. They were selected for 4th Band Incubating Program of SangSangMaDang, and released an official Ep in January 11th, 2012, and also passed second preliminary of KBS 2TV Top Band.


A band, like a jewel Fully starting the musical activities after passing MySpace Korea Audition in September 2008, the debut EP ‘Flower of Lies’ from BGBG Record received favorable reviews in 2009. Through the first full-length album ‘Hunch’ released in 2010, Achime not only showed the potential, but also started forming passionate fandom. After taking some break time to organize the internal side, Achime released EP ‘Hyperactivity’ that showed their changes and advance in May 2011, which is currently preparing for the 2nd full-length album.


An Encyclopedia of Pop History ELVIS COSTELLO’ was born in London, 1954. He formed his first band called ‘Rusty’ with ‘Allan Mayes’. Before he made his debut as a solo artist with the single ‘Less Than Zero’ in 1977, he worked for a short period as a computer operator at a Bank. Two months later, his album [My Aim Is True] was released, made a commercial success and was ranked no.14 in the UK Chart. He is the nation’s most renowned veteran singer-songwriter because of his soundtrack ‘She’ of the film ‘Notting Hill’.

M. Ward

THE MAN of ‘She&Him’ As an indie folk musician from Portland, he released total six full-length albums including ‘Hold time’ in 2009. He also grabbed global attentions when making a big hit with ‘She&Him’ singing duo with Zooey Deschanel, the heroin of the movie ‘500 days of summer’ in 2008. The band, ‘Monsters of Folk’ gathered with the members from ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘My Morning Jacket’ was ranked as 15th place of Billboard chart in 2009. Participating in various albums through much exchange with indie musicians, his 7th solo album which will be released in 2012 is highly anticipated as it is participated by Bright Eyes, Sonic Youth and Howe Gelb.

James Iha

A rock star with unapproachable sensitivity Till leaving the band in 2000 since starting as a guitarist of ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ in 1987, he recorded several millions of album sales with about ten albums. When releasing the first solo album, ‘Let It Come Down’ in 1998, he not only presented warm and beautiful works that were completely different from the previous image, but also firmly settled down as a singer-song-writer. After that, he is actively involved in cooperation with various artists including many project bands like A Perfect Circle and Tinted Windows.

Common Ground

Explosive Brass Sound Common Ground was organized in 2004 with Kim JoonWoo from the project duo group Urbano, Brass Horn Section Team Horny Play and Funk band Funksized, and their music style is based on the Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B and many more. Common Ground shows very exciting stage like their motto `Fun Music` with the large scale arrangement of 9 performers.

Peterpan complex

The invitation to synth pop and electronic As a quartet modern rock band which is lead by Jeon JiHan from Yoo JaeHa Song Festival, it has been known as an indie band representing the live club scene of Hongik Univ. since making its debut with the single album ‘Viewpoint of the first person’ in 2001. The 5th full-length album in four years developed more the electronic style of the digital single ‘Catching your eyes again’ released in 2011, which was combined with the most trendy electronic music and retro style synth pop in the 80th.

Hologram Film

An intense band of electro rock + synthpop The name of this band means ‘ Lingering images are left like a movie through images or sounds in a short moment’. Their music is based on electro rock and synthpop with an energetic, danceable sound. The Judges praised the band, “ Their soundfilled with anguish. This band is expected to grow fast”.

The best seats that are closest to the stage,where you can drink beer with the most cheerful environment and enjoy music &dancing is OPEN STAGE. Anyone can be on the stage. For 3days, Every Day and Every Night, various concepts forthe stage make you have more fun.

1Groove Valley
You can meet all music genres in one place and at one time. This is the reason why you can enjoy this music festival! The Funk & Jazz with full of groove are ready at 2012 VRF. Friday afternoon, full of sound with various instruments keep us standing and excited.Let’s get into the rhythm with a cocktail.
  • Rio band
    Rio Immigrated to Paraguay in the early 1990s and learned about Latin musicand Canzone.The bassist, Rio’sfantastic technique with four-stringand six-stringwas considered the best in the country.Only one Jazz magazine in Korea, <mmjazz>, He writes ‘ The bass master of Rio’ column about practical skills and high-level lessons.
  • Earls
    Since Earls started the band, theystill keep the name ‘The Korean funk band’. Traditional funk mixed with Korean style melodyand pop style melody. The outstanding performances based on acid jazz& funkyare in perfect harmony of soul.
    Middle of 2000, the group formed with the father of Korean Jazz, bass Lee Chulhoon and MC meta of Garion, Rookie hip-hop group’s member and DJ of Garion, 2 Faith became the new member of the group. They show the special stage with Jazzquintet project.
2Slam Shower
There is no Rock music at Jisan Valley Rock Festival? To kill the rumor that the festival is only for British gays, the session is prepared for the hard rock and metal music manias. The wild stage looks like a sound falls! Be ready to be all in sweat.
  • Downhell
    Downhell members are consisted of Mark who has worked with Kim Kyungho band for a long time, Shinhwa, Jo Sungmo, BaekJiyoung and Alex who was in charge of guitar session. The band which has performed from 2000 to 2001, Thrill Kill, was the forerunner. Despite the fast-paced music market trend, they stick to the traditional heavy metal.
  • Naty
    Naty whostarted as a slash metal band is a legendary group standing at therising period of Korean heavy metal. A lot of domestic bands admire this band and still a lot of fans remember their music. They don’t seek for only one genre. By respecting each member’s character,Naty brings various faces by making their own musical colors.
  • RUX
    This punk band debuted in 1999 with the album [I Gotta Go]. The Korea’s one of the punk bandswho never forgets their original intention. They bring the great melody and messages to the young generation through their music.
  • Remnants of the Fallen
    The band shows North Europe/American metal sound that combines fast strong metal core with melodic death metal. By appearing on the Top band 2 show, Remnants of the Fallen got a nickname ‘ Idols of underground world’.They never stop musical communication with fans by performing at the numerous under clubs and never care about the performing places and the number of audiences.
    The band became the hidden master at Ssamzie Sound Festival in 2007 and has been growing as a big kid of hardcore who followed Vaseline. They show the 100% heaviness and early new school sound, which is not splendid, but based on firm music.