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2012 jisan valley rock festival



James Blake

A shy genius’ electronic lyric poem As an electronic music producer and singer-song-writer born in Britain, he started producing music after he was attracted by electronic music when he was ten years old. Showing unique and experimental music by greatly harmonizing soul and dubstep, he presented fresh shock and received overwhelming praises from a republic of famous music critics. He is also very popular among indie music fans. He was selected as an artist received attention by the republic of music critics in 2011, the 2nd place for the sound of this year from BBC in 2011 and the album of this year from Mercury Awards 2011.

Motion City Soundtrack

The leader of Emo/Pop Punk Motion City Soundtrack The 5quintet band was formed in Minnesota in1997. Their debut album [Commit This to Memory] was released in 2003 on U.S Indie Label Epitaph. In 2007, American AP Magazine gave them a perfect score and would be on the cover of the magazine as 'The Most Anticipated Album'. The third album [Even if It Kills Me] has topped Billboard Indie chart. The combination of beautiful melodies and dynamic performance are recognized by many people.

Lucid Fall

A singing poet with the Maestro, Lucid Fall with Cho YoonSung Semi Symphonic Ensemble Lucid Fall - His stage name "Lucid Fall" means "Shiny, pure and fresh" and the name itself describes his acoustic, modern style of music. He was a lead vocalist and guitarist in the band Misoni . He has released four studio albums: Lucid Fall (2001), Oh, Love (2005), A Night at Border (2007) and the latest and 4th album, Les Misérables (2009), released in Korea on December 10, 2009. He is planning to rearrange his previous hit singles with the jazz pianist Cho Yoonsung at this Jisan Valley Rock Festival.

Cho YoonSung - He majored classical music in Argentina Music University and then studied Jazz in University of Berklee, New England Conservatory. Also he was selected for the ‘Monk’ Program of University of Southern California, and he was the first Asian ever. Cho YoonSung is a composer/pianist with passion of Latin music and American delicate Jazz style, and he has released 4 albums in his music career.

Underwears Band

The BEST post-rock band in Korea The name of Underwears Band that was formed as a project group in 2000 was inspired by one of the impressive lines of a book. The Underwears Band originated from a live club, ‘Bbang’ started being known when its several single songs spread through online. It is significant that it actually opened a new door for Korean indie scene by showing experimentalism which is very rare in Korean indie bands. Even after having the last performance in a club, ‘Bbang’ around Hongik Univ. on May 13th, 2006, it restarted its musical activities in six years through the DGBD performance on January 13th, 2012.

The Strikers

Exciting yet sad melody The Strikers is a three member melo-punk band which aims for `Happy punk rock for everyone`. Their 500 copy first demo single with exciting melody was sold out, and they offered album contracts from Korean and Japan agencies. After their successful band career both in Japan and Korea, they released 2nd album in 5 years and starting their 7 weeks Japan tour and China Tour.

Monkey BeaTz

A rookie band combines Dub step genre to Metal. The rapper of Dr. Core 911 has worked as G-ru, Lazybone,Purpill,Upper and Hooligan. They became a professional dream team with 10-year career. Their music based on Dub step genre combines with Metal brings powerful sounds. The judges said, “The word, “rookie” doesn’t fit your band and I hope you can exchange energy with many others through this chance”.


From the Street Performance to the Best Live Band in Japan Spyair is a 5 member rock band from Nagoya, and started their music career with street performance and after that debuted in major music scene. After the major debut, they ranked no 2 in Lekochoku music chart, and topped Mora monthly music chart. They have more than 2,000 fans in 100th street performance. Spyair performed in 2011 Jisan Valley Rock Festival, and it was their first time in Korea. They successfully released Gin Tama ending theme ‘Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot)’, ‘Beautiful Days', and ending theme of Gundam 'My World'.

Show Me the Money

The Passion of Korean Hip-Hop is waking up from a long sleep. Representative rappersand rookie rappers became one team to show the hot stage. The popular Hip-hop survival program, Show Me the Money,will be held at Jisan Valley Rock Festival. This is the best chance to see the Super Rapper who is going to survive on the stage!

Astro Voize

Shut up & Dance Boys! The two members of elecduo, Son Sungho and Jung Jaehyun, they bring up the image of astro hippie and play"Shut Up & Dance".


Music, Like the starlight! Sweet and Sour Electro Synth Pop. ‘OWL CITY’ is an One-Man Band, formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter ‘Adam Young’ who was born in Minnesota. ‘OWL CITY’ made success through the social networking site ‘Myspace’ and gained mainstream popularity with the 2009 major label debut album ‘Ocean Eyes’ and the quadruple-platinum hit single ‘Fireflies’. This single gained worldwide success in late 2009, and it ranked number one for seven weeks on iTunes.


The most important name in the Korean Rock Scene, 'Apollo 18'. Since the band formed in 2008 with a wide musical spectrum and a world view encompassing psychedelic, post rock and hardcore music, they won the Grand Prize of Hello Rookie in 2009. In 2010, they recieved the best new artist award at Korean Pop Awards and debuted with the nickname 'the well-prepared rookie' Apollo 18 participated in American SXSW, the world's biggest music festival, and was chosen as 'Asia's notable band'. During the American tour, the band recorded the highest number of performances and in the same year, also participated in the huge 'Fuji Rock Festival' which represents Japan. In this year, they were chosen as this week's artist for the American MTV IGGY and became the world's most desired band. This is the present of Korean heavy metal music right here.


Electronica for Rock, Electronica toward Rock The trio electronic band consisted of DGURU,ZEZE and DR. Since the band was formed in 2008 , they setttled their own position on Korea Electronic Music Scene. In 2010, America SXSW and Canadian Music Week were the start of world stage. On Summer Sonic held August 2011, 3,500 people who just listened to the few-second intro song gathered in a moment. The band recieved 'The best Dance & Electronic Album Prize from 2012 Korea Pop Awards.


A music which is unfamiliar but friendly, but totally new. `eAeon` released two albums as an Artist and leader of the band ‘Mot’. He received awards for “Best Korean Pop Rookie”, “Best Modern Rock Album” and “100 best-selling albums”. After a five-year hiatus, ‘eAeon’ returned with his first solo project album [Guilt-Free] which has reached the top in the Korean Indie-Album Chart.

Lee Juck

A singer-song writer who is like a treasure in the world of Korean pop music. Singer-songwriter ‘Lee Jeok’, who debuted in 1995 as a duo-group named ‘Panic’, made a strong impression on people with their deep music. He formed a project group called ‘Carnival’ with ‘Kim DongRyul’, who was a member of ‘Exhibition’. The two members made great songs of funk genre that became a great success and also won the Golden Disc Awards. He made his debut as a solo artist with [Dead End] in 1999. With [Songs made of tree] released in 2007, Lee Jeok won a triple crown in Korean Pop Music Awards. The regular album, [Love], which was released for three years in autumn of 2010, was evaluated as the most important album of the year by the press and fans. The singer is planning to perform with a band for Jisan Valley Rock Festival, signing songs which would fit the rock festival mood. The audience will be definitely amused!


A girl Band’ssexy stage On 7th April 2007, the band has gained attention by performing ‘ Hairspray queen’ inlingerie at Kurt Cobain Tribute Concert. Unlike other K-POP girls and bands, juckjuckgrunzie’s sexy performance and strong music greatly impacted people. Recently, this band has performances around Hongik Univ.and their strong imagesare receiving attention from Indie movies and magazines.


The Creative Remix KINGMCK has learned various musical instruments to develop his musical sense. He also has experience as a DJ/Producer. During his childhood in America, he started Djing under the big frame called Electro by adding the creative musical sense. The project team 'Mongloid' is made with his partner Eugene Black and shows the experimental Live Set with new style.


the original Goddess in HongDae Area, Has Entered the World of True Musicians Ever Korean can remember the text message indicating sound, ‘MunJaWatShong (which means ‘You’ve got a message’ in Korean). The sound was the most popular feature in ‘Secret Garden’, the best drama in 2011, and it was recorded by the voice of Taru, the Goddess in HongDae Area. Her music has been used in a lot of commercials which made her to gain great popularity. She collected all her tracks and released as a mini-album called [Blah Blah].


21th century Youth Band Sound Peppertones is a Korean producing duo formed in 2003 with two college mates and released their debut EP in 2004, and first full album [Colorful Express] in 2005. Their positive and sophisticated music attract people and won the best dance & electronic single award in 2007 Korean Music Awards. Latest 4th album [Beginner’s Luck] in 2012 is more popular and trendy work compares to their previous albums, and gained lots of compliments from the market.

Hollow Jan

An intense and beautiful hardcore band The Screamo hardcore band brought explosive reactions from fans and critics as soon as releasing the debut album “Rough Draft in Progress” in December, 2006. Nominated for five areas of Korean Music Awards 2008, it received the best album award. Through the excellent combination between lyricism and heaviness, it expresses well the both sides of our intense lives. Especially grabbing more attention through live rather than the album, it is a well-known rock band whose performance that overcomes the limitation of expression is more recognized. It is expected to show glamorous, detailed and impressive performance through Jisan Valley Rock Festival this year.

Harry Big Button

True Hard Rock Band A post hard rock band which aims for vintage yet modern sound, and the members are Lee SungSoo(Vocal/Guitar) from Crash,Spoon, Choi BoKyung(Drum) from ToyBox, Park JooYoung (Guitar) from Art of Parties and RyuChung (Base). They gained people’s attention with rebellious macho sound on KBS Top Band 2, and they perform a sensual, groovy hard rock with superb instrumental skills.

The best seats that are closest to the stage,where you can drink beer with the most cheerful environment and enjoy music &dancing is OPEN STAGE. Anyone can be on the stage. For 3days, Every Day and Every Night, various concepts forthe stage make you have more fun.

1CJ azit Tune Up
The musicians who were picked by Tune UP(the new creative musician supportproject of CJ azit) are available to meet up at Jisan Valley Rock Festival. The infinite possibilities of the rookie musicians show their music to numerous audiences and it will be a precious time. People might be waiting at a bigtop stage fence to meet them at 2013 VRF.
  • Asian chairshot
    They formed in June of 2010. In 2011, they started to work for music around Hongik Univ. The band is trying to put Koreanemotion into the music in various ways and named themselves ‘chair shot’ which means a professional wrestling attack.
  • Number Nine
    The Rock&Roll bandwho has both the frank straight sound and the passion.Number Nine isaffected by Beatles and Oasis. They are also seeking for their own sounds and the Korean music that containsthe British and American musiceffect.
  • 24Hours
    The members’ average age is 21. They began working together in April of 2011. Theyare seeking for the garage rock music based on British sound. In 2011, Ssamzie Sound Festival picked them as ‘the hidden master’. Currently, the bandhas music performances around the Hongik Univ. clubs.
2Mpub Sounds Up
Beer is inextricably bound up with music festival! Jisan ValleyRock Festival official liquor partner Mnet Pub prepares a special stage. During this stage, MPub that is located in front of open stage expects to be on a special promotion. Everyone, Two Thumbs Up for M Pub!
  • The Pony
    The post punk band is dreaming a new leap with the aerial sound. They showed psychedelic and vintage sound based on garage with their 1st album in 2009. EP [Little Apartment] of 2012 emphasizes the full of noise of guitar andsynthesizer.
  • Hologram Party
    Ex-guitarist of Super kid, DJ and producer, Janny Kim and DJ DONG-Q,who is working in Hongink Univ. and Gangnam, became the band together. Recently, their 2nd mini album [I AM A DJ]was released. They always think about the audience and show the splendid stage.
  • Love X Stereo
    The 90s alternative pop based on punk rock is combined with electronic music that makes a new sound. It suggests a new direction of dance music with a sophisticated sense.
  • Fantastic Drugstore
    The Garage rock band of four stimulates listeners’ ears with an exciting sound. The powerful drum and bass rhythm mixed well with guitar riff and attractive tone plus witty lyrics.
  • My afternoon
    The Girls generation’s songwriter, Hwang Hyun and the rookie vocal Agnes became the mixed duo. ‘Healing Pop’ shows only their genre throughthe lyrics, which talk about every moment of our life with keyboard instruments.