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2012 jisan valley rock festival



The Stones Roses

the Bible of Modern Rock and a Pioneer of Madchester Movement The Stones Roses, the ultimate rock band formed in Manchester (United Kingdom) is a legendary band which is being loved and supported by fans all over the world. The debut album in 1989, [The Stones Roses], was a big step for the band to enter the world of the great success. The Stones Roses has made a formula of a “Manchester Sound” (a combination of rock and dance) that is described as rock music people can surely dance to. This was an influential base of Brit-pop in 1990’s. After the release of the second album, [Second Coming], The Stone Roses was disbanded, which certainly broke many hearts. However, in 2011, 15 years after the disbanding, The Stone Roses were back, taking a position of being the main attraction of every festival. The band has successfully made itself legendary within the rock scene once again and is now doing music activities in high expectations of music fans all over the world.


Modern Rock Band returns in four years Korean Indie Rock Band 'Nell' formed in 1999. While performing at Live Clubs in HondDae, they were picked up by Seo Taiji. This band has participated in both 2006 and 2007 Pentaport Rock Festival of Korea, where Placebo and Muse also performed each year. After four years hiatus, they released a new studio album titled “Slip Away”, which was a hit in music chart.

Los Lonely Boys

Superb Chorus with Dramatic Melody Blues Rock Band A brother band from Texas, which plays Latin groove urban blues rock. Their first single `Heaven` topped the Billboard adult contemporary chart in 2004. First album [Los Lonely Boys] was sold 4 million copies in US, and they won the Best Pop Group in 47th Grammy Awards with the album. Now they are ready to hit the road with the 4th album in 2012.


The modern rock sound with static and polished sensitivity Title of the band "Monni " means "Mean and Greedy" in Korean, and they named themselves because all the members have great thirst for music. This band organized in 2004, and they pursued public, sophisticated modern rock. They compose, write lyrics, play the musical instruments, produce and record their music by themselves, and also have superb sensitivity and powerful vocal skill.


Full of sounds with splendid playing and passinate stage. Unlike other 3-4 member band, this band consisted of 3 guitarist (2 Elecguitar + 1 Acousticguitar), bass and drum. Since the band was formed in 2009, Ssamzie Sound Festval chose them as the best hidden music band. In 2010, Asian Beat held by YAMAHA Music Korea, the band won the top of Korea and the sencond place of Bangkok Grand final. Their truthful emotional music and the sounds convey sensibility and energy to young people.

Busker Busker

Youth is sung based on the analogue sensitivity The trio band consists of Jang BeomJun (vocalist/guitarist), Kim HyungTae (bassist) and Brad (drummer). They rose to fame through Mnet’s “Superstar K3, became the talk of the town when the band swept the K-POP charts after the release of their debut album. The album quickly became a national sensation, with every song on the album debuting high on various charts. The album sold over 50,000 copies during its first three weeks.

Boom Boom Satellites

A creator who creates unknown sounds Boom Boom Satellites are an electronic duo formed in Japan in 1990, and debuted in Europe as a rock unit in 1997. The band is made up of bassist/programmer Masayuki Nakano and guitarist/vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima. They also appeared in the European magazine Melody Maker, where they were lauded as the combination of The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.

Beady Eye

New Band of Liam Gallagher & Oasis ‘Beady Eye’ is an English Rock Band, formed some members from Oasis, after lead songwriter and guitarist ‘Noel Gallagher’ left the band in harsh circumstances in 2008. Since the forming of the band, they have released one album [Different Gear, Still Speeding] in 2011 with a second expected to follow in summer 2012.


Explosive and speedy sound with the fancy performance They made the very unusual, unique psychedelic trans music to become one of the major scene music which was only played in some of the after clubs in the past. With their famous explosive, speedy music and fancy performance, they never stop and always try to change and improve their sound.


A journal of puberty - Fantasy and Reality, Despair and Peace SEKAI NO OWAR, which means ` The End of the World`, is a rock band organized in 2007.I In their lyrics, words like peace, life, death and the world are often appear. But their music has very fresh and light vocal with bright code arrangement and it attracts lots of people. They made a huge success with single ‘INORI’, ‘スターライトパレード(Starlight Parade)’ in 2011, and their MuDoKwan live concert was sold out, and continue to have a successful music career.

Slow Down Channel

We are ready to burn you up! The producer Inkyo, SK of SoundSound, andEden Club’s legendary DJ Ziro became the band ‘Slowdown Channel’ to make a history of Korean club scene.They are being well received on various music charts and started showing a great stage from March of 2011.

13 Steps

100% Pure Hardcore 13Steps symbolizes local underground scene and starts self-motivated hardcore scene in the city called Cheong ju. A Hardcore Webzine in America metioned them as ' The most notable hardcore band in Asia'. The simple melodies of old scool hardcore, metalic guitar loop, brake part and vocal Kim Dongkyung's charisma fascinate the audience.

Park Soyu

A creative female singer-songwriter The singer-song writer, Park Soyu was picked as the CJ azit Tuneup fourth musician in 2011 and hercreative music and powerful stage attracted judges. We can find her potential through her music, which is not electric and acoustic.A judge of Rock&Roll Superstar has said “ This is a perfect music without noticing one-man band”. The 1st album will be released in July 2012.

twenty | one | pilots

The Energetic Live Show This duo born in Ohio receives applause for their Indie rock based on distinctive piano play and hopeful lyrics. Album will be released this year. They want to play the music what people look for, not the one people can hear as a background. Who knows they become a huge band and come back to Korea as a headliner.

Yellow Monsters

The Best Korean PUNK ROCK Band Choi JaeHyuk of Delispice, Han JinYoung of My Aunt Mary, Lee YongWon of Gumx joined together and organized a punk rock band Yellow Monsters, and they became one of the best Korean live band after successful performances and tours in America, Japan and more. First full album [YELLOW MONSTERS] and second album [RIOT!] were nominated as best rock album of the year and best rock of the year in Korean Music Awards, and their latest mini album [WE EAT YOUR DOG] was selected as the best rock album of the year from both the critics and the music fans.

Jang PilSoon

Vibe of self-control and silence with the weight of time Jang PilSoon made her name popular with the first solo album [Already] in 1989. As a member of 'Cho DongJin Crew', she successfully released 'Already', 'A Day', 'When my loneliness calls you', 'Every Moment', and 'Alumni', and became one of the legendary folk musician in Korea. Her 6th album 《Soony6》 was selected as `Best 5 Album of the Year` in 2002, and in 2007 her 5th album [When my loneliness calls you] and 6th album [Soony6] were ranked 15th and 62nd in `Korean Music History Top 100 Album`.


A Notable New Motion of J-POP In January of 2010, The first album [Where's My Potato?] was released and became a hot issue among the rock fans of the whole country. The band consisted of vocal from Syria, bassist from U.S. and Guitarist and drummer from Japan. They became popular by participating in Rocks Tokyo, Rock In Japan and other famous festivals.


Electronic Rock band with glamorous visual performance Telepathy turned the rock stage into hot dance floor with their unique, explosive live performance with sound, and that's why they called one of the pioneer of Korean dance rock. There music is based on the post punk, and added electronic, synth pop, new wave, even post rock to their style.


Dreamlike Sound which shocks the abyss With their recent second album release, hanumpa gained lots of attention from the critics and the music fans with deep sound and wide musical spectrum. They had years of break after release of EP [hanumpa0 in 2001, but after 6 years they joined together as a band and continued their musical journey and won the special award at ‘Hello Rookie Final’ in 2008. People told that they suggested a new, progressive rock model with mix of psychedelic, alternative and even the world music style.

The best seats that are closest to the stage,where you can drink beer with the most cheerful environment and enjoy music &dancing is OPEN STAGE. Anyone can be on the stage. For 3days, Every Day and Every Night, various concepts forthe stage make you have more fun.

1Healing Café
The 4-day music festival requires us the physical strength! The Sunday afternoon, there is a tiny café where your tired body and ears can relax with the songs of the beautiful female musicians. Let’s have a healing time with a cool ice coffee.
  • Fromm
    Fromm, thefemale vocal who has a deep voice, always maintains the same voice and expresses soft melody. The band shows own color with the well-controlled voice and honest emotion.
  • Mystery curtain
    The female singer-songwriter,Mystery curtain did playing instruments, producing and writing songs for the album. The calm acoustic guitar and piano sound make a great song with her natural voice.
  • Lee JungA
    Lee JungA who was picked as the Tune-up 4th Musician brings clear voice and honest lyrics and the judge Lucid Fall, praised her as ‘ A good singer-songwriter’. After that, she participated in SuperstarK3 and became one of Top9. Also she is working on drama OST and other works.
2Youth Night ‘70s-‘00s
Likewise the shuffle dance, the rabbit dance of 70s, and Macarenaof 90s, there are always dances & music that represent the time. The songs that everyone can sing along are ready! Radiohead doesn’t sing Creep for you? The Sunday night, before leave the festival, let’s sing Creep as loud as you can.
  • What Sun the beautiful ‘80s
    Regardless of genre, they try to contain romance and love to the happy, fresh music based on humor and satire. The band who introducesthemselvesas ‘the old school rap trio’ has the belief,‘ the man who has beats will take the youth’, which is their motto.
  • The lake ‘90s
    The new band who just passed the Pastel music at a time with an outstanding play and fresh melody. They never released any albums, but they are on the Korea’s best bands stage, Top Band 2. This Super rookie band has unlimited possibilities.
  • GOGOBOYS ‘00s
    ‘Let’s go forward!’like the name of the band, the rap/core band has a cheerful mind. The emotional lyrics and melody touch us. The funny Kung Fu disco beatsplus the various devices sound with the modern sense represent the21st century’s analog sound.
  • Slow 6 ‘60s-‘70s
    The folk rock musiciandebuted in 2004 with the album [Grand A.M] and released the 2nd album [Reverse] in 2007.Slow 6 participated in the session of the musicians, Delispice, Sweetpea, Jaejuboy, and also has worked as ‘Oh! Brothers’ and a member of ‘Backbeat’.