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2012 jisan valley rock festival



The Best Music ★ Live Experience

Jisan Rock Festival gives you fun and happiness that you can enjoy from music.
From the moment of your entrance with your ticket, you can see a whole new world.
This is the place for having a new experience that you can enjoy music and passion, freedom and true energies of music et al for three days. In 2012, Jisan Rock Festival presents variety of music for sharing them with you. Meet us at Jisan Rock Festival for seeing and experiencing the best performance of music in the best place for being awaken in the heart and the passion of the music.

Go 樂, Go Green!

Jisan Rock festival takes place in a place where you can take away from city’s busy schedules and noises, enjoying the green valley and hill, trees and grasses, opening your mind for music. We are planning to protect the environment and efficient use of energies while in Jisan Rock Festival for three days in such a perfect place to be. By promoting the use of the public transportation and garbage recycling, we encourage you to participate in the making of the more eco-friendly, green festival.

2012 Enjoy Jisan
2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival
Jisan Rock Festival is being made by you, musicians and planners of the festival.
01WE make the Festival together! Feel the experience and the excitement.
Jisan Rock Festival is being made by you, musicians and planners of the festival. Being away from the city’s comfortable life, this is a good place for enjoying music in the Mother Nature. It is the unique opportunity for you to experience only in Jisan Rock Festival.
02How to enjoy the Festival Require some preparation.
On the other hand, it requires for many efforts and preparation of you audience that the outdoor festival for three days has lack of basic facilities necessary for playing music.
In the festival site, there are stages for you to enjoy music with many artists, so that you can schedule to see some of them at the same time. If it rains, you can’t avoid not being wet in the sticky rain. The festival site doesn’t have many bathrooms and amenities so that you have to wait in a long line.
03Joyful Jisan Rock Festival. Take pleasure in new experience.
Nevertheless, we are doing our best to provide you with clean and fresh places that you can have fun while in the festival. In the rain and a hot weather, a new comer can have difficulties to be adopted for the outdoor festival. The rain, hot weather, harmful insects, mosquitoes, and camping are new for some who need to be fully prepared for the enjoyment of the music. It is highly recommended to help women, children and the old and inexperienced people for the better management of the festival.
Join us for the more pleasant and joyful Jisan Rock Festival. We believe in the power of music and will do our best to make the festival fun.