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Star Spotlight

Behind the scenes of BLOCK B's comeback music video!

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In October 2013, BLOCK B is ending its hiatus with a triumphant comeback!

After debuting in April of 2011, BLOCK B proved from the beginning that it was different, led by the talented Zico, who not only performed, but produced BLOCK B's album. This time, Zico and the members have worked together to create music that stands out from that of other idols, hoping to be loved for their own unique style.


DO U WANNA B? Hello~ I'm Block B's leader Zico.We've returned after a year with our 3rd minialbum [VERY GOOD]! Since we're coming back after a year, we're so nervous and excited and thrilled!You guys are excited right? It's good to be excited….really!Go behind the scenes with us at the VERY GOOD music video shoot!

It wasn't supposed to be a rainy shoot, but since it's been raining since morning, there's been a few slight changes..The music video team is asking why it always rains when there's a Block B music video shoot hehehe Maybe the B in Block B stands for rain…? (Bi = rain)Hm, we suffered while shooting because of the rain, but now that we see the footage, it actually looks cooler in the rain…thank you skies! <3

Before you go into the music video set, you must wipe your feet! Why?? Because if the floor is dirty, it doesn't come out pretty! Since the floor is white, if you don't wipe your feet, ChoPD will scold you… keke

Is this better or is that better….picking out accessories! They're all so pretty it's hard to choose~~Before filming, touch-ups are a must! The secret to perfect skin?

Cutie Taeil Hyung~! He just gets cuter and cuter

We're currently monitoring, Checking to see who messed up, how I look…this monitoring is a must right?

This is a scene where we take money from a bank and toss it! I think the most exciting scenes were taken by our members!But…we toss the money once, and then we have to pick it up, and then toss it, pick it up, toss it, pick it up…Still, it was so much fun filming~ kkyah!

P.O and U-Kwon fit the rock style better than expected! Both of their profiles are sexy~ they did so well that there weren't many takes before the director say OK!

To show a shaking car, the staff worked so hard. We acted like it was shaking from all sides kekekekkee


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