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Returning with their self-composed songs, FTISLAND

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After FTISLAND's 2007 debut album [Cheerful Sensibility]'s title song, 'Love Sick' caused the nation to fall in love, 'After Love', 'Bad Girl', 'I Hope', 'Love Love Love', 'Hello Hello', 'Poision', 'I Wish' and many other hit songs have cemented the 5-member band's status at the top. For the past 6 years, FTISLAND has appealed to the public in Japan, Korea and all of Asia. With their live concert skills as well as their various merits on broadcast shows, the band has been keeping busy. But even while on international tours, the band has been constantly practicing and getting ready to receive more love and praise with its return!

To celebrate its 6th anniversary on September 23, FTISLAND released its special album [THANKS TO], filled with self-composed songs. As a special gift to the Primadonnas, we've prepared an inside look at the album and a FAN Q&A with FTISLAND

[Choi Jong Hoon]

1. We're curious as to how you listen to music you like.

>> I listen to the artists I like on shuffle ^^

2. We heard you like to spend time fishing?

>> I originally liked freedom, and I somehow ended up going fishing with my acting teacher, and while we were fishing, we talked about a lot of serious life topics, and I had the opportunity to think about myself, and so I became addicted to having that time to myself.

3. When you compose and write lyrics, where do you get most of your inspiration?

>> There's not one particular incident or anecdote that comes to mind. When I don't have anything on my schedule, and I have some alone time, I feel more free and that's when melodies and lyrics come to me the best.

4. What's the biggest difference between your rookie days, right after you debuted, and six years later?

>> I think Choi Jong Hoon as a person, in various meanings, has become a more mature person. I think I know many things that I didn't know them, and I can feel many more diverse things. Sometimes I like that, but sometimes, it's a little difficult.

5. As FTISLAND's leader, was there any incident that made you particularly happy?

>> Since FTISLAND has been active, as a leader, I'm thankful when the members follow me well and when there are a lot of people around us supporting us.

[Lee Hong Gi]

1. This album contains all self-composed songs by the members, but you composed the title track - is there a promise you want to make to the public if your song hits #1?

>> This title song, 'Memory' is a heart-wrenching song about a guy who can't forget about his departed lover, but I will sing this song while dancing!

2. Because the FTISLAND members all have such confidence, it's really appealing! Can you share some tips on how to gain confidence?

>> Hm. I don't know if I can say how to gain confidence, but I like myself. I think that you have to like yourself in order for other people to like you! Don't you think loving yourself and appreciating yourself is a good way to gain confidence? Fighting!

3. Your new title track is called 'Memory' - what is the most vivid memory you have with your fans?

>> Although all our other schedules are fun too, I think, during our Korean and international tours, when the fans come to our concerts and we can see them and have fun and jump up and down together while singing brings the most joy

4. Out of all the tracks you've composed, which is your favorite?

>> I think out of all the songs I've created, 'Black Chocolate' came out with the most emotion that I wanted...

5. If the world were to end, what would be your last wish?

>> I would like to eat a delicious meal with the people I love most, and have my last moments with them.

[Lee Jae Jin]

1. Was there any particular influence when you composed the song 'Falling Star'?

>> As I raced ahead to get to where I am now, I sometimes felt like I was straying farther from my dreams and at times even thought I was losing a part of myself, so I put my heart into this song to tell others like myself to never lose hope and never let go of their dreams. It’s a song I’m singing for myself as well.

2. During your concerts, what was the most surprising moment with your members?

>> When my hyungs cried! ㅠㅠ During the concert, Jung Hoon hyung and Hong Gi hyung cried when we were standing on stage singing live, when they were overwhelmed by emotions, but it was that gratitude and emotion that I was so impressed by.

3. During the 6 years you've been active, what was the most meaningful moment?

>> When I perform concerts with my hyungs, standing on stage with them is always special and has the most meaning for me. I would love to consistently put on exciting performances like now!

4. Of the countries you've never visited before, where do you want to visit the most?

>> Spain and Brazil! I haven't been yet, and I really want to go! I think they'll be really hot places, and I want to feel that passion for myself!

5. Out of all the released FTISLAND songs, which song do you like the most and why?

>> From our 1st debut album, the song 'Meeting'. I still really like that song. I really like the lyrics and the delicate sensibilities. And I feel that the music has a Asian feel. I recommend it to those who haven't heard it yet!

[Choi Min Hwan]

1. When are you more nervous? When you're singing during a musical or when you're playing the drums during a concert?

>> It's hard to compare when I play drums and when I perform in a musical, because it's a different sort of nervousness.

2. In the past six years since your debut, what is the moment you regret the most and the moment you were most happy?

>> I don't have many moments I regret, but living with my members and becoming like real brothers, and having concerts together, and traveling overseas together.. These are the moments that were the happiest.

3. How is the Choi Min Hwan of 2007 different from the Choi Min Hwan of 2013?

>> Well, my personality has changed a lot. I think I've become a lot less reticent than before, but I still hear that I'm a maknae that doesn't talk a lot. And I think in many different aspects, the way and patterns of how I live have changed a lot

4. In the six years you've been working, who was your most memorable fan?

>> Of course, the fans who've supported us for the entire 6 years are the most memorable. It's like we grew up together… if you look at it that way, it's really interesting. So when I meet with the fans, I want to say hello one more time.

5. Aside from the drums, what is the instrument you want to learn most?

>> Piano. As I play on a rhythm instrument, I want to learn how to play on a melody instrument.

[Song Seung Hyun]

1. I met my boyfriend, who's also a Primadonna, through FTISLAND. Of FTISLAND's songs (including your Japanese albums), which song is the most romantic and lovely?

>> Um…though there are a lot of songs, if I have to pick among them, 'I Hope You Will Be My Lover' is the one I would pick. Jong Hoon Hyung composed and lyricized the song, the lyrics are really honest and sweet, so I think it's a really good song to sing to agirlfriend while playing guitar.

2. If you were a girl, which FTISLAND member would you like?

>> Min Hwan! I think it's Min Hwan haha. Firstly, he's my friend. And he's really cute. Hahaha

3. In your life, who is the person who gives you the most help and strength, and is the one you're most grateful for?

>> Of course, it's Min Hwan. Min Hwan really listens to all my problems, and is actually concerned for me, and thinks about me. He's a friend I'm grateful for. And we've been next to each other for a long time while living dorm life. Thanks Min Hwan!

4. As a FTISLAND member, and as just Song Seung Hyun, what are your personal goals?

>> To become the world's best band! Keke Also, I want to be acknowledged as a musical actor. I fell for the charm of musicals through [The Three Musketeers], [Jack the Ripper]. If the opportunity arises, I really want to try challenging acting on the screen too.

5. As FT ISLAND has had many overseas activities, is there anything you want to say to your Korean fans?

>> I love you!!!! It's been almost a year since an album came out in Korea, so I firstly want to say thank you so much for waiting. I'm sincerely grateful to the Primadonnas who waited for us and supported us faithfully even when we were promoting overseas. Let's see each other's faces and eat ice cream together as we promote this album in Korea! With all these grateful feelings, we prepared this [THANKS TO] album, so please love it a lot! Thank you!

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