audience info

We are inviting you to SuperstarK live stage show where you can meet the passionate challengers. If you would like to be in the audience, please apply online.
You can have a chance to win studio audience tickets. (2tickets per person, in-person pickup)

* Minors cannot apply for the event and only the person whose name appears on the account of the purchase is eligible to pickup the tickets.

Apply for the studio audience tickets
1. Ticket Giveaway Period
Every Monday - Wednesday by Midnight
2. Winners Announcement
Every Thursday 5 p.m. (2tickets per person, in-person pickup)
3. Admission time
Every Friday 9 p.m. (In order of arrival)
4. Where
Oct.12 ~ Oct.19 / Nurikkum Square
Oct.26 ~ Nov.16 / Kyung Hee Univ. Hall of Peace
Nov.23 / Jamsil Indoor Stadium
5. Confirmation Requirements
Photo ID, Audience applying ID, Cellphone Number
(Unable to enter without Photo ID and tickets are "Nontransferable")
6. Minors
Children under age 19 cannot enter without parents or guardians

* Admission time is 9 p.m.( Unable to enter after 9:30 p.m.)

Getting here

Nurikkum Square

Nurikkum Square map
Subway Line 6 & KyunGui Line,
DMC Station Exit 2
Bus No. 771, 7711, 7730
Get off at DMC HongBoKwan

B 171, 172, 271, 571, 7714

G 7013, 7014, 7015

R 9711

Kyunghee Univ.

Kyunghee Univ map
Subway Line1 & ChungAng Line,
Hoegi Station Exit 1
Dondaemun Town Bus No.01
Get off at Kyunghee Univ. Entrance

B 273

G 1215

Jamsil Gymnasium

Jamsil Gymnasium map
Subway Line 2,
Sports Complex Station Exit 6,7
Get off at Jamsil Sports Complex

B 360, 361, 362, 363, 730, 301, 341

G 3217, 3218, 3411, 3412, 3414, 3415, 3417, 3422