Event period : 04/18/2012 - 05/17(KST)
Winner announcement : 05/30/2012

Select and clear missions
presented by stars of i am.

After you clear the star mission and turn over the card
you can get high-quality poster images of the stars.

  • Shineels Mission

    What is the name of the service that Mnet has recently launched to make you get the KPOP STAR’s contents quickly and easily on your mobile devices?

  • BoA Mission

  • f(x)’s Mission

  • TVXQ’s Mission

  • KangTa’s Mission

  • SuperJunior’s Mission

  • Girl’s Generation’s Mission

    Which KPOP girl group was not appeared in the movie <I AM.>?


  1. The main characters of the movie, [I AM.] will present 7 card missions.
  2. Once you clear a mission, you can turn over the card.
  3. If you turn over one mission card, you can receive the HQ poster images of the [I AM.]’s main character.
    (exclusive on Mnet.com)

Prizes for all
mission completers!!

Those who complete the whole 7 missions can get the valuable prizes below!

  1. 1person. Nikon digital camera (coolpix P300)
  2. 4person. Beats by dr. dre SOLO headphone
  3. 5person. the movie [i am.] Poster card set

※ Prizes above could be changed without notice due to various conditions.