• Mnet TV

    Mnet TV has lots of videos so you can see K-POP star’s Music videos, their performance, live show and program which they staring.

  • Star

    You can get more information of K-POP star. Furthermore you would have known rising stars & make a come back stars.

  • News

    This category informs you hot issues all about K-POP. You could know every single article of K-POP & K-POP stars.

  • MCountdown

    You can check the Mcountdown chart every week. Also you can give a vote for your favorite K-POP artist and leave some cheerful comments for them.

Mwave Mobile?

  • Mwave Mobile Web Open!!

    We are extremely excited to announce that we’ve released Mwave Mobile Web for Mwave Global fans.

  • Mwave Mobile Web?

    You can access to the ‘mwave.interest.me’ via your smart moblie devices such as a smartphone, feature phone or a tablet computer, connected to a mobile network or other wireless network.
    Anytime, anywhere you can enjoy K-pop with mwave.interest.me.

  • Rate

    It depends on your mobile internet data plan that you using.

  • How to connect to the internet on your mobile

    Simply hit the web-browser button on your phone. And type ‘mwave.interest.me’ on web-browser.
    You can join K-pop with your phone

  • Notification of using mobile web

    We would like to say sorry for some mobile devices such as blackberry, nokia and others will not be available to access to our service due to technical issues of mobile operating system.