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  • KARA bakery

    KARA bakery
    Here comes the sweet IDOL KARA to make the only one bakery in the world! What would KARA bakery look like after 8 weeks? And a sweet romance between KARA members and hot looking bakers will be added to the show! Now the sweetest KARA bakery opens!
    Guests KARA
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  • Kim A-joong's gift

    Kim A-joong's gift
    It is a one time only show about KimAhJoong's life from first appearance on music program to behind story about fan meeting.
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • Mnet Radio

    Mnet Radio
    A radio broadcast form tv!? Sense of analog 'Radio' meets variety aspects of 'TV'! Age of the twenties and the thirties will love this show with talk and music.
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • Superstar K2

    Superstar K2
    It returns stronger than before! SuperstarK 2! Everyone can join the audition age of 1 to 99 ! Superstar k audition demands nothing but your passion for you!
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • Music Quiz-show 'Umbob'

    Music Quiz-show 'Umbob'
    Not only joy of watching the show but also fun of solving the quiz! Music Videos, now you are watching it with trivia questions! [Classic Music Quiz Show MmBob]
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  • The Pub

    The Pub
    Very special music story in ordinary place! A new music show at M-Pub will be every night with 5 MC from Monday to Friday. A night picnic with music! You can feel the essence of music right here in M-Pub the live hall.
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • SuperstarK Master

    SuperstarK Master
    You can be the second hero of SuperstarK by just watching ! Here's the secret to pass the SuperstarK for sure from audition masters. This is the way to get in SuperstarK!
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  • He is not that into you

    He is not that into you
    She's got beautiful face, great personality, and also hot body figure...yet she never had true love! That's because she's always got controlled by so called 'Bad Guys'! It's not late yet! Women's intuition, eyes to recognize good guys, and observation ski
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  • UV Syndrome Begins

    UV Syndrome Begins
    You might pretend like you are a expert about UV after watching UV Syndrome seoson1, but actually you know almost nothing about UV. World's first prequel begins documentary program is about to solve the secrets of unknown history of universewide musician
    Guests Yoo SeYoon Yoo SeYoon Muzie Muzie UV UV
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  • M Rookies

    M Rookies
    Find out the best rookie of the week! Best ways to watch rookies performance :M-Rookies! Here we come with upgraded awards and stages! Pick a rookie in every week, and a chance to make an appearance on MCOUNTDOWN to chosen rookie! A challenge among rookie
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