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  • Music Spotlight

    Music Spotlight
    Global Music Show 'MCOUNTDOWN'
  • Dizzy Blind Date

    Dizzy Blind Date
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  • BOYFRIEND's W Academy

    BOYFRIEND's W Academy
    In the year of 2011, K-POP became popular worldwide! And now, who would be the next K-POP star in 2012? Korean boy group " BOYFRIEND" was selected as the most promising IDOLS in 2012 by the largest English K-POP website. However… Are they really ready to be the next world stars? Mnet’s new reality show is about BOYFRIEND members in a world star training school, W ACADEMY, during 8 weeks of hard training to make them the true " World Star “. BOYFRIEND members will become prepared to take on the world through the 8 weeks of training in "BOYFRIEND’s W Academy "
    Guests BOYFRIEND
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • Hidden Track Romance

    Hidden Track Romance
    Hidden Track Romance
    Guests RAINBOW
    1st Episode Recent Episode

    Watch your K-POP star's backstage
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • Idol Fun Club

    Idol Fun Club
    Guests Tak JaeHoon ShinDong Jang DongMin You sang-mu
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • M.I.B's Academy

    M.I.B's Academy
    ‘MIB’, a hip-hop group that made their debut in 2011 with support from ‘Tiger JK’ who is a godfather of the hip-hop scene!! The members of MIB, whose specialty is free-style rap and hobby is writing music, entered a special class at ‘W Academy’ in order to learn the idols’ know-how!! However, it does not look that easy for them to adapt themselves to the school because they were born to be hip-hoppers. The real rebellious phase of the rough and free idols! They will go through tough classes to rise the awareness by mastering the idols’ strengths Will they receive the shiny certificate of graduation as a member of ‘W Academy’ that is a prestigious school for idols?
    Guests M.I.B
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • Superstar K4

    Superstar K4
    Singing for the miracle!! Superstar K season4. 'Emperor of audition in Korea is back! Your once in a lifetime opportunity!' The highest number of applicants (1.97 million ) in nation in 2011! Highest-rated in its time slot for every episode! (including public network.) Achieved over 1.7 million text-voting for the final show! The audition for a miracle Superstar K which heated up the Korea is back in 2012 as season 4 with more powerful episodes!
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • MyDOL

    Guests Brian Sung SiKyung VIXX
    1st Episode Recent Episode
  • The God of Music

    The God of Music
    Guests SangMin Lee
    1st Episode Recent Episode

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