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Star Spotlight

The charming 5 men of HISTORY

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HISTORY has finally released its first mini-album [JUST NOW], after debuting 4 months ago with hit single, 'Dreamer'! This time, with HISTORY, all 5 members have transformed, becoming even more good-looking and showing off even more of their talents. We're bringing you an inside look into HISTORY's album jacket shoot, so get ready to fall in love with HISTORY and JUST NOW!!

HISTORY's ' JUST NOW' Jacket Photos & Member Profiles

Behind the scenes of HISTORY's 'JUST NOW' Album Jacket Shoot

1. Na Do Kyun

The totally transformed Na Do Kyun, Check out the sharp jaw line on Na Do Kyun! Even when he's just sitting calmly he looks so cool…

2. Kim Jae Ho

Jae Ho can pull off so many fun poses! Even though sometimes he's like an adorable pupply, Jae Ho can pull off chic poses too!

3. Song Kyung Il

The charismatic leader!! Song Kyung Il! The manly leader who even matches well with pink!

4. Jang Yi Jeong

The maknae Yi Jeong creates a chill atmosphere! His sad eyes stir up emotion in everyone watching

5. Kim Si Hyoung

More like a model than a model - Si Hyoung! With such piercing eyes, you can't help but fall into them

Yi Jeong and Jae Ho carefully monitor their photos

Yi Jeong especially ran over to check on his photos as soon as he was finished - what a pro!

HISTORY has returned with 1st mini album [JUST NOW] Were you able to feel the charisma and appeal of HISTORY through the album jacket shoot?? Please anticipate HISTORY's new and improved charms with the title song, 'Tell me Love'

The BEST CUTS chosen by the HISTORY members themselves!

HISTORY's Greeting Video

HISTORY's 'Tell Me Love' Music Video


  • 8th and 9th Floor, 19, World Cup Buk-ro 56-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Sangam-dong, Dream Tower)