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Special MC Chun MyungHoon! Son HoYoung's Comeback Stage!

Program : M COUNTDOWN, 2015-01-22

:Bae Chi Giseulki BaeBrown Eyed GirlsSeeyaYBBGH4ParanSonimJonghyuk OhLPG StationJaeWook JungJeonga ParkLee SeungGiHoYoung Son 
: Last Week of September M! Countdown! BaeChiGi-Praying to Deaf Ears / Bae SeulKi- Strong Woman / YB-Today / AhYooMi-Cutie Honey / BGH4-Please/Paran-Five Steps / Sonin-After Love / Vasia-Yeah / Oh JongHyuk-Desperately / LPG-Arm Pillow / Jung JaeWook-Quietly Closing Eyes / Park JungAh-Yeah/Lee SeungGi -Please / Son HoYoung-Yes/Son HoYoung-Cry 

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