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Seo InYoung's 'Fabulous Comeback'&Rising girl group idol's performance contest

Program : M COUNTDOWN, 2016-03-11

:G.OJoonKang MinHyukKoyoteT-MAXSISTAREllyMBLAQ4minuteINFINITESupreme TeamSoYeonSukiElectroboyzCode VB2Y 
: July 4th week M Countdown! Coyote-Return T-Max-Don't be rude Sistar-Push Push Seo InYoung-Write as Love sung as Pain MBLAQ-Y 4minute-Huh INFINITE-Comeback Again Supreme team-DangDangDang SoyeonWhat should we finish Sistar-Magic INFINITE-Tell Me Sistar-Mister INFINITE-Gee Sistar-Bo Peep Bo Peep Seo InYoung-Goodbye Romance SuKi-One Love Electro Boys-Phone is calling CodeV-Addiction B2Y-Be crazy 

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