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Rain`s Comeback with `Love Song`

Program : M COUNTDOWN, 2015-09-18

:Jo KwonG.OJoonJeongInSupreme TeamBeast2AMSecretCho PDSeulGi JungHakmi GilEVANZE:ARainYoo SeongChan 
: April 2nd week M Countdown! JungIn&GO&JoKwon&ChangMin -You Are Not Alone Supreme Team -Step Up Beast-Shock 2AM-I Did Wrong Secret-Intro,Magic JungIn – I Hate You ChoPD-It’s An act(With Jung SeulGi) Gil HakMi -Super Soul Evan - Make You Cry ZE:A –All Day Long Jung SeulGi-It`s Raining Gil HakMi -Rainism Rain – Love Song,Intro,Hip Song Yoo SeungChan -Chemistry 

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