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Showdown of Lee KiChan's 'Beautiful Woman' and Epik High's 'FAN'!

Program : M COUNTDOWN, 2016-02-01

:Super Junior-TEpik HighNorazoPark Hyo ShinDouble S 501IvyEllyCatsWonder GirlsLYnMC SniperLee HyoRiKangInLeeTeukSin dong 
: Nominee for #1 Spot! Lee KiChan's 'Beautiful Woman' and Epik High's 'FAN'!/ M Countdown's awesome stage in third week of March~! Don't miss it!! Super Junior-T-Rokkugo / Lee KiChan-Beautiful Woman /Epik High-Fan / Norazo-Oppa Can Do Better / Norazo-Bloody Tie / Park HyoShin-Memories Resemble Love/SS501-Coward / Ivy-Sonata of Temptation / Seo InYoung- I Want You/ Evan-Eternal Sunshine / Evan-Even Men Can Be So Helpless / Cats-Baby Cats / Wonder Girls-Irony / Lyn-Kissing U / Lyn-Life of Separation / MC Sniper - Spring, Won't You Come / Lee HyoRi- Don't Love Her / Lee HyoRi-Scolded / Lee HyoRi-TocTocToc 

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