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  • [WINNER] KPOP 101 Ep 10 Contest (BEAST)
  • by admin
  • Hit 3,967|2013-06-10
Congratulations, winners of this week!

Thank you for all your support for KPOP 101.
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NAME                                                    CONTACT
Goh Chu Ning                                          8506xxxx
Wei-Jen Liang                                         9372xxxxx
Alice Oun                                                9833xxxx
Alice Lau                                                6928xxxx
Eugenia Cheung                                      9038xxxx
Rainnie Kwa                                            6019-207xxxx
Prestina Moh                                           9747xxxx
Wendy Yang                                            9228xxxx
Koh Ai Ying Jessica                                 9424xxxx
Lim Wan Xin                                            8268xxxx