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  • Latest Updates: K-Pop Going Global K-Pop fans are no longer only in South Korea, and K-Pop tourism has become a global phenomenon. Largely thanks to social media, K-Pop grossed $3.4 billion USD in the first half of 2012, and it was unofficially named South Korea’s “greatest export” by iconic American news source Time. Fans from abroad are enthralled with Korean music as well as Korean popular culture. The world increasingly wants to see the latest K-Pop star live on mwave.
  • K-Pop Goes to China Korean singer Rain and G-Dragon were recently recognized as top artists by a Chinese music service at the QQ Music Awards. K-Pop star Lyn was also invited to perform at the awards ceremony. Lyn has been widely recognized for singing the theme song “My Destiny” from popular Korean drama “My Love from the Star.” In other Kpop News, Rain is currently shooting his first Chinese movie, and he is scheduled to perform a live concert in Beijing.
  • K-Pop In the United States K-Pop has become a global phenomenon over the past few decades, and it is only growing in popularity. Korean pop queen BoA will star in the upcoming dance movie “Make Your Move.” The forbidden-love dance film is one of the first of its kind in the United States. American audiences first became obsessed with Kpop culture after Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style” infiltrated everything from radio stations to football touchdown dances. K-Pop has become more mainstream in the United States than ever before. The film “Make Your Move” will show in select theaters across the country.
  • Mwave Is the Current K-Pop Center The latest Kpop News is always found on mwave. Audiences across the globe can learn about the latest Korean singing sensation, the most important news, and need to know information before anyone else. Mwave is the official site for Mnet, the most trusted source for Kpop News on the planet. Mwave does not only tell you what you need to know. We show you first.
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最受全球韩流粉丝欢迎的K-Culture festival:KCON,今年第叁度移师进军日本,5月19~21日在日本千叶县幕张展览馆(Makuhari Messe)举行,第二波出演名单也在近日出炉了! 出席演唱会的明星除了ASTRO、2PM俊昊、Apink、MO...
利特梦想当郑雨盛、元斌 结果GG了…

利特梦想当郑雨盛、元斌 结果GG了…

Super Junior成员利特能言善道,最近又接下新节目《极限工作狂》,变装体验不同的工作,他今天(28日)出席记者会时分享出演心得,说:「没听说会在哪做工,也没听说会变装成什麼,如果知道的话,说不定会想要避开。非...
SJ利特变装做工 想让EXO做这个

SJ利特变装做工 想让EXO做这个

Super Junior成员利特今天(28日)出席KBS2《极限工作狂》的记者会,表示想推荐EXO擦KBS电视台窗户的工作,理由是因他们看起来有把东西变闪亮的本事。 担任记者会主持人的主播听了说:「拜託你让他们擦主播室的窗户。」...
【Special】GOT7  Jackson长尾巴 有谦、JYP、鸟宝宝送上暖心祝福

【Special】GOT7 Jackson长尾巴 有谦、JYP、鸟宝宝送上暖心祝福

今天(28日)是GOT7成员Jackson(王嘉尔)23岁生日,JYP娱乐在脸书上写下:「HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackson」,有谦也在IG上传他的生活照并写道:「哥 生日快乐!无论何时,都要像这样开朗地笑!」 Jackson前两周因健康问题缺席GOT...
徐仁国今(28日)低调入伍 挥别粉丝喊:爱你们

徐仁国今(28日)低调入伍 挥别粉丝喊:爱你们

徐仁国(29岁)将於今天(28日)下午2点(韩国时间)到位於京畿道漣川郡的陆军5师团新兵教育大队报到,接受基础军事训练后,以现役军人身分服役。 选择低调入伍的徐仁国透过Jellyfish娱乐传达心情,表示:「為了尽国防的...

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  • Don’t Follow Trends, Set Them K-Pop culture has become a global phenomenon. The genre of Korean music has recently taken audiences from America to China by storm. Numerous people attribute the worldwide popularity of Korean Pop to major social media sites and video sharing. Global fans do not have to wait for others to share the latest music videos to see the more current K-Pop star. Follow the latest K-Pop video on mwave, the official site of Mnet.
  • Hearing the Music Is Not Enough, Seeing the Latest K-Pop Video is a Must K-Pop is known for its visually stunning videos and live performances. See the latest music videos, and learn about the Kpop stars behind them. Music is only part of what draws a global audience to Korean Pop. Kpop is about an entire experience, not just a song. See the most current Kpop videos, and learn about the most current Kpop music first.
  • You Can Be an Influential Member of the Global K-Pop Community You have to see K-Pop to believe it. Each K-Pop video is different than the last, and a single K-Pop music video can set a trend that lasts for years. Be ahead of the pop culture curve instead of behind it. Instead of waiting to hear about the latest Korean video, be the first to share it with your friends. Mwave has all of the Kpop updates and videos available for you to see first. Don’t just sit there. You can be an influential member of the global Kpop community by seeing and hearing it all first on mwave.
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  • 少女时代 泰妍少女时代 泰妍





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