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Weekly Roundup: Celeb Rise and Fall

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2012.08.31 19:00 CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

This week, G-Dragon got the fans excited with details of his new official single and music video, and T-ara’s Hwa Young attempted to patch things up with the public through Twitter.

Things weren’t so hot for Kara this week, however, after the group ran into a series of controversies while Typhoon Bolaven struck the Korean peninsula, causing issues for groups like Super Junior and NU’EST.

Read on for the latest in this week’s Rise and Fall.

Weekly Roundup: Celeb Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. G-Dragon Gets Fans Excited With Comeback Single Details

Fans were still swooning over the release of G-Dragon’s target="_blank">MV for One of a Kind when a mere few days later G-Dragon released details on his official comeback single That XX.

Set for a September 1 release, the new single and music video is not only tantalizing fans for being rated ‘R’ and for featuring Jennie Kim, from YG’s upcoming girl group but simply because it’s, well, G-Dragon.

2. Psy Continues to Make History in America While Making Big Money

It was another week chock full of new milestones for Psy.

Over the past week, Psy made the highest showing for a Korean artist on America’s iTunes Top 100 chart while also topping Billboard’s Social 50 chart.

Add to that his being referred to as a ’sex symbol’, being Tweeted about by Britney Spears and earning an estimated 10 billion won so far for Gangnam Style alone, and you have a pretty darn successful week for Psy.

3. Hwa Young Attempts to Make Peace With Public, T-ara and Fans

Just a month after T-ara’s ‘outcast’ controversy first surfaced and spilled over, former T-ara member, Hwa Young, took to her Twitter this week to apologize for concerning fans and sharing she would like to move on and remain supportive of T-ara ,seemingly helping to bring the issue to a peaceful close.

The T-ara members, in turn, also issued handwritten apologies but their apologies were met with skepticism by some who said the timing of the apology, just before the release of T-ara’s new album made it seem the apologies were more for PR purposes and for the group’s comeback rather than being genuine.

Weekly Roundup: Celeb Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. Kara Hits a Series of Controversies Just a Week After Comeback

Things were off to a stellar start for Kara initially after making its return to Korea in almost a year but then the group hit some bumps on the road.

First, one of the outfits worn by the Kara members during their music show comeback were immediately pointed out by netizens as being fairly similar in style and appearance to a Gucci swimsuit from a previous collection. The incident was pointed out to be especially embarrassing as the group is a major hallyu star and one of the faces of Korea and K-Pop.

Then came allegations that two vans the group and its entourage were recently traveling in had illegally, and without remorse, taken up two handicapped spots at a highway rest stop. Kara’s agency then addressed and apologized for the incident, but not without contributing to Kara’s tarnished image this week.

2. ‘To the Beautiful You’ Continues to Experience Tepid Ratings

SBS teased and tried to hype things up with viewers with promises of romantic kisses, cast members dressing in drag and even a Super Junior and SNSD-studded drama OST, but it all proved futile as the viewership ratings for To the Beautiful You continued to take a dive and fall to its lowest ratings yet.

Still not even halfway through the drama’s run, there’s still an opportunity the anticipated drama will pick up steam later, but so far, the drama is proving to be largely a miss with viewers.

3. Typhoon Bolaven Causes Delays and Close Calls for Idols Like Super Junior, NU’EST’

Korea was impacted by two typhoons this week, including major storm Bolaven.

The biggest typhoon to effect Korea in 10 years, the storm caused a headache for groups like Super Junior, who had to delay its schedule after being unable to return to Korea, while it was a close call for groups like NU’EST after crossing paths with Bolaven.

But thinking of their fans first, many idol stars took to their SNS to tweet, post and write safety messages to fans, demonstrating their lasting concern for fans.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment, DSP Media

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