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Natthew, Winner of Thailand’s ‘Superstar K’, shoots music video with Beast star Yong Joon-hyung

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Natthew is the talk of the town. His Korean debut single “She’s Bad” features the rap of Beast star Yong Joon-hyung, his artist logo was designed by Rainbow’s Jae-kyung and the music video was directed by Lim Sung-gwan, the genius behind Block B’s ‘Nillili Mambo’. Why is he getting so much support from this K-Pop dream team? Let’s take a closer look at the singer himself.

■ Natthew’s profile

Natthew is a popular ballad singer from Thailand. His Prince Charming looks, sincere personality and sweet, mellow voice has captured the hearts of many girls in his home country, where he is also known as the ‘Lee Seung-gi of Thailand’. Winner of the fifth season of ‘Academy Fantasia’ (the Thai version of ‘Superstar K’), he is also an active musical theater actor and a model.

■ Natthew’s first single album ‘She’s Bad’

Natthew is the winner ‘Academy Fantasia’, the Thai version of ‘Superstar K’. A famous pop singer in Thailand, he is also currently working as an actor and model in TV dramas, musicals and commercials. His ballads have topped various domestic charts, and his sincere and gentle image has captured the hearts of many women in his home country. The teaser for his single ‘She’s Bad’ foreshows his transformation through the ‘New Natthew Project’. On screen, Natthew mysteriously hides behind a pair of sunglasses, showing the charismatic presence of a strong solo singer. More stylish and masculine than before, he seems comfortable in his new K-Pop image as expectant fans tune into his new career.

■ Natthew’s ‘She’s Bad’ features Beast star Yong Joon-hyung

K-Pop style has transformed the Thai singer Natthew, whose debut album is set to hit the streets in Korea! Here’s a peak at what’s happening on the set of his music video.

■ Watch Natthew’s ‘She’s Bad’ music video

Natthew showed incredible adaptability on set. Despite looking slightly nervous on his first Korean shoot, his facial expressions and hand gestures improved with every take, impressing everyone involved. “Natthew has changed so much. He’s definitely on a different level than when he first came to Korea. I’m really happy to see that,” said one of the staff.

Meanwhile, Beast star Yong Joon-hyung supports Natthew by rapping in the debut single ‘She’s Bad’ and also appearing in the music video. Glimpses of the Korean star sitting on a chair can be found in the teaser released today. Fans who have seen it can’t wait to find out how his involvement has enhanced Natthew’s song.

■ Purify your mind with Natthew’s album jacket

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