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  • Information on Use of Personal Info & History
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Information on Use of Personal Info & History

Hello E&M Online Service Members.
Please read the following guidelines & info.

In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection,
Article 30, section 2, pursuant to Article 17 of the Enforcement Decree,
CJ E&M will use the collected personal information as follows.

Information on Use of Personal Info & History List
Division Information
Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information The company collects a minimum amount of personal information in order to identify users, collect payments, deliver products and create statistical marketing material that will help provide users with optimum services based on preference.
Details of Collected Personal Information
  1. ① Name, ID, password, I-PIN and other identification from such institutions, gender, date of birth, keys from services that provide open authentication (Facebook, Twitter, etc.): Used to certify users for membership services
  2. ② Email address, contact information (phone or mobile phone): to deliver notices; provide secure communication for complaints; alert to new services, products and event information; provide guidance to services for development of research ; request surveys for new services
  3. ③ Bank account information, credit card information, mobile phone number, financial transaction info: to provide pay-per-use and product purchase payment info
  4. ④ Address: for the proper and secure delivery of goods from giveaway events and/or shopping purchases
  5. ⑤ Liked content and interests: to provide personalized service
  6. ⑥ Receive emails and SMS: Confirmation on consent to receive email or SNS on latest information and guidelines, partnership services, Products/Services for various marketing (including agencies) and promo activities; customer appreciation events; events
Personal Information Provided to Third Parties Providers Purposes
CJ CGV CJONE combined membership service provision
Payletter, CJ Systems, SKplanet Payment processing at time of purchase
Respective Credit Card Company Payment at time of purchase (credit card)
Mobilians Payment Time
(Mobile/Phone/Cultural Vouchers/ Booking Voucher Payment Time)
LG U+ Paid at time of purchase
(at time of bank transfer)
Galaxia , Danal Paid at time of purchase
(mobile payment processing)
Commissioning Information Consigned Companies Consignment Purposes
CJ Telenix Customer service and consultation system operations
TNC International Event prize shipping service
CJ Systems SMS,MMS transmission system operating charges
Clip Service Ticket booking, payment, refunds, and system operations.
Performance-related consultation and consultation system operating.
Event prize shipping service.

We consider member’s private information to be valuable and shall protect all info in accordance with related laws and regulations

Thank you.

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