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  • [NOTICE] Winner announcement for 'Share MEET&GREET' Event
  • by admin
  • Hit 3,119|17 Jun 2014

Hello, lovely Mwavers!


We're announcing the winners of the mobile web launching event, 'Share MEET&GREET with friends and win prizes!!'.

(EVENT URL : http://mwave.interest.me/promotion/shareMNG)


We here at Mwave really appreciate the enthusiastic participation and interest of Mwavers and we would like to send our heartfelt gratitude to everyone.


Winners must contact Mwave with the following information via their SNS accounts for delivery.

    { The name of event [SHARE MEET&GREET], SNS you've won, stars' name, your legal name, phone number, country, shipping address, zip code }

We will be waiting for your reply until June 25th. After that, you may lose your prize!


    - FACEBOOK: Please send us a MESSAGE to our Official Mwave Facebook:   

https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMwave (ALL FACEBOOK WINNERS, INCLUDING TAIWAN)

- Twitter: Please send us a DM to our Official Mwave Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialMwave

(We have followed all winners, so please do not change your ID)

   - Youtube : We will send you a message to your YouTube channel inbox. Please respond with the information we request. https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialMwave

- Weibo : Please send us a Private Message to our Official Mwave Weibo: http://weibo.com/mwaveofficial


To see if you’ve won, find your name on the winner list below.



1. BEATS BY DRE NEON MIXR (1 winner / each SNS)


   (This prize is replaced to BEATS BY DRE HEADPHONE - CHINA EDITION.)


   - Twitter : jaengyeol

   - Facebook(en) : LiZzie Myungsoo Zin

   - Facebook(tw) : DouDou Den

   - Youtube : mocha_1008

   - Weibo : 2青年幽了把默





   - 糖豆KHUN_kkkkkkvvvvvv

   - BlingBling嘟嘟

   - Ace_Jun-K

   - 韦嵛竞

   - 绿小佳



3. 2PM TAECYEON'S MD : OKCAT TUMBLER (1 winner / each SNS)


   - Twitter : Arinalee01

   - Facebook(en) : Maria Cunningham

   - Facebook(tw) : Nong Nymnual

   - Youtube : 張瓊文

   - Weibo : YG蔡依林EXO_TEAMB_JYPGOT7_2NE1



4. K-pop star Calendar (3 winners / each SNS)


   - Twitter : ①AmoiiDarlinz88, ②dobucondition, ③mariaveraa

   - Facebook(en) : ①Mili Mo, ②Luc Binh, ③Amoii Darlinz

   - Facebook(tw) : ①Gina Yang, ②Alan Chen, ③Ho Yi Lau

   - Youtube : ①applemints96, ②Ria Kumara, ③sashaloveme33

   - Weibo : ①锅哥烈V, ②Letzte-7, ③Christyyinggg



5. Glossy Box Cosmetic Gift Package (3winners / each SNS)


   - Twitter : ①TaMinJonSuk, ②lynethmini, ③GianCatacho

   - Facebook(en) : ①Joanna Chang, ②Swarina Laurina, ③Tania Santos

   - Facebook(tw) : ①Jessie Sam, ②Marie Chen, ③Yoselin Ttito Sani

   - Youtube : ①Ji Jee, ②RoloChip, ③Daniela Quadros

   - Weibo : ①东台西瓜办露比_寶貝敏是我的一切voicekyu



6. SIGNED K-pop CDs (10winners / each SNS)

- Twitter : daisie88, sinarintyas, axk39, daniela31_, cocoonedsoul

                 ⑥IcePrincess138, Cristi1993, Ellenapricilla, ⑨lulusa96, LuvYen101

- Facebook : Erika Villeneuve, Hemi Minnie, Jennifer Parsons, Angel Patience, Jeffrey Vos, 

                     ⑥Ayyn Estrella, Felicia Minn Liang, Chan Si Ming Serene, Sally Hsu, Jing Jinn

- Youtube : epiklyhigh, xoxChiBi07xox, Audrey Thuries, germxsg, NoemiLion, 

                   ⑥karla dark, tweety1677, TripleS Junus, PandaKawaiix, Chyan Sie

- Weibo : Kmoon媛子徽色JJ, Jae_Hyeon, kyoya008, 秋萍EXO, 

                ⑥ DY0706_Mark0904_JaeBum0106,  sic,  Hee_s喵呜吃了郭小迪 椿JCN_kiki


Thank you for all your interest and support.

Best regards,


  • 8th and 9th Floor, 19, World Cup Buk-ro 56-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Sangam-dong, Dream Tower)