• [RE - Announcement] - 2 more winner are chosen from the 'Review Event'
  • by admin
  • Hit 591|17 Jan 2013

Hello, This is Mnet Global.
As a matter of fact, we would like to apologize about the winner lists of "Leave your review' event.

We considered the time difference each countries that you live. But few users are raised the problem about the fairness.
So now we decide that we are going to announce 2 more winners (total score is same)  
following the points (like - dislike) here is the finally confirmed winner list

Top5 Points (liked - disliked) - 5 people + 2 new people                                                                                                                               

Best Review - 2 people    
Sorry for the all confusion. Global Mnet will be going to pay attention more.
Thank you.

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