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  • Notice about the '2012 Kpop Fanclub Awards' event inquiry
  • by admin
  • Hit 728|15 Jan 2013

Hello, This is Mnet Global.

We got a lot of inquiries about the fraudulent voting few days before the event closing. 

We have been tracking all the voting procedures and system and we are sure that our voting system was not hacked and ideally stable.

We set the 1 ID per 1 voting a day. This policy gives a fair all KPOP fans who participate '2012 Kpop fanclub awards'

Also, this event is not a comparative evaluation. each fanclub will be judged by an absolute evaluation. If your fanclub filling the number of votes a certain amount (check the limit attendance from event page) your fanclub can get the prize. You don't need to compare or judge other fanclubs.

We understand you have a big proud of your fanclub but please do not underestimate or blame other fanclubs. 

Global mnet want to give a chance for every fanclub get the prize

Please Keep your affection for your KPOP star with '2012 KPOP Fanclub awards" It closes 20. January. Thank you.


Mnet Global.

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