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Episode 14 Moon HeeJun's Music Revolt/Part2

Program : Heejun Mun's Music R..., 2008.07.02

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Moon HeeJun Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch JangMi Moon Hee Jun moon hee jun Mun Hee Jun moon hee joon hee joon hee jun hee jun moon hee joon moon mun hee jun mun hee joon  
Today's second competitor is Sunday Brunch, a band receving great expectation regarding modern rock!
JangMi is this week's group receiving a second chance from the consolation match!
Will she be able to become the revolt king while her mother has come out to support her as well?

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Moon HeeJun

Moon HeeJun


Male Solo


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    I`M NOT OK

    Mini Album(EP)

    18 Jan 2013

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