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Show Cut / Show Talk - Bada, See Ya, Lee SooYoung, SE7EN / Show Fun - Paran, Mose & WooSoo / Show Top - Lee HyoRi

Program : Showcumentary 'The S..., 2006.03.17

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Show Cut Show Talk Bada See Ya Lee SooYoung SE7EN Show Fun Paran Mose WooSoo Show Top Lee HyoRi The Show the show TheShow theshow shockumentary Shockumentary showcumentary Showcumentary  
Today's Showcumentary 'The Show' went to the site of live broadcast, M! Countdown~. We prepared the behind the scenes today as well. This clip is the spring gift that we prepared for you! And it’s full of sweet dates with stars~! So, check it out now~!

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