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ZE:A & Yoo SaeYun tries to catch Lee Jung

Program : Idol's Parallel Theo..., 2011.03.31

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Kyung-Chun Ko Park Jiseon YoungWook Go Yoon JongShin Yoo SeYoon Lee Jung ZE:A
ZEA Yoo SaeYoon beatlescode Beatlescode BEATLESCODE Beatles Code Beatles code beatles code BEATLES CODE  
[The Beatles code] Solving the mysteries in the musical history! The circle of common fate in the parallel theory! Tremendous vocalist Lee Jung & lovely boys ZE:A! parallel investigation! Between 2 teams the 1:100 theory establishes! DongJun decides to be a singer watching Lee Jung! Yoo SaeYun tries to catch Lee Jung! Nobody can recognize KwangHee without makeup! Green-eyed monster KwangHee, how does he pick on the other members? Lee Jung’s Marine Corps barracks life story? ZE:A’s 5 minute shower know-how! Lee Jung met a Ukraine woman! The conversation with her? parallel song! No.3 Let`s Dance, Super Star No.2 Again, Talk with Looking in my Eyes No. 1 Do it Tomorrow, Cinderella world parallel theory! Lee Jung and Usher, ZE:A and Jackson 5 the song of use and disuse? Lee Jung : I'll Let You (7dayz) , ZE:A : In Trouble (V.O.S) What is the conclusion between Lee Jung and ZE:A?

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Kyung-Chun Ko

Kyung-Chun Ko

Omega 3

Male Solo


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