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Beatles pay is 40 thousand won?!

Program : Idol's Parallel Theo..., 2011.03.24

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Kan MiYeon Park SangMin INFINITE Yoo SeYoon Yoon JongShin YoungWook Go Park Jiseon
beatlescode Beatlescode BEATLESCODE Beatles Code Beatles code beatles code BEATLES CODE  
[The Beatles code] All of mysteries in music history solving time! Round and round destiny rule of parallel theory! Leon of pop music Park SangMin& Paparazzi syndrome Kan MiYeon& infinite idol INFINITE! Verify parallel! Is there thesis-antithesis-synthesis among three teams? What if Go YoungOok and Yoo SeYoon dance INFINITE's scorpion dance? Park SangMin defeats with small fry! SangMin wears sunglasses watching movies! The origin of antenna hair, Kan MiYeon! Who are in charge of INFINITE's abs? Eat and sleep paparazzi Kan MiYeon! Parallel song ! 3rd award The One Love, Yayaya 2nd award get up, Comeback Again 1st award Blue jean girl, paparazzi world parallel theory! Park SangMin and Kenny Rogers, Kan MiYeon and Gery Halliwell, INFINITE and LMNT Song of use and disuse -Verify time miserably forgotten songs! Park SangMin and Kan MiYeon's Song of use and disuse, tree fish& LUX Kan MiYeon& Park SangMin& INFINITE's Conclusion?

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Kan MiYeon

Kan MiYeon

Baby V.O.X

Female Solo


  • 8th and 9th Floor, 19, World Cup Buk-ro 56-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Sangam-dong, Dream Tower)