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Park JungMin advise a secret dating tips to Ye ARa!

Program : m!pick, 2011.02.22

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YeAra Park JungMin Kim WonJun
Mpick 5 Ye Ara Mpick Mpick Mpick mpick Mpick MPick MPICK pick  
[M!pick] Powerful voice, new singer Ye ARa!
Friends celebrate 20th birthday and debut of ARa!
Concept of ARa's title song 'Dink Americano'?
Ye ARa packs a snack in a shop! Who's it for?
She shows concept drawings of song and costme to Park JungMin!
JungMin advise a secret dating tips to Ye ARa!
Concept meeting! Pretty album scary photo? Ara's afraid to reveal it, tensions with staffs!
Happened in a record studio- Kim WonJun praises Ye ARa's ballad song 'Heartbreak'! His judgement?
WonJun meets ARa's director! Ye ARa's crisis of debut? Will she able to overcome the first crisis?

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