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Lena Park and SuperStar K2's Parallel Theory!

Program : Idol's Parallel Theo..., 2010.12.30

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Park JungHyun (Lena Park) Huh Gak Kim Ji Su Yoo SeYoon Yoon JongShin Lee BoRam Park BoRam YoungWook Go Park Jiseon
Lena Park SuperStar K2 Parallel Theory beatlescode Beatlescode BEATLESCODE Beatles Code Beatles code beatles code BEATLES CODE  
[Beatles code] Time for checking mystery in music history! Fated rule 'theory of parallel'! Best song ability! Lena Park & SuperStar K2 HuhGak, Kim JiSoo, Park BoRam and Lee BoRam! Let's see their parallel theory~

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Star Info

Park JungHyun (Lena Park)

Park JungHyun (Lena Park)

Vocie Of Korea/Japan

Female Solo


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