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At last Nine Muses debut stage!

Program : m!pick, 2010.08.21

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Mpick 5 Nine Muses Mpick Mpick Mpick mpick Mpick MPick MPICK pick  
[M!pick] Nine Muses D-1 of debut
Lee Sem in tears,
Nine Muses half anxious half nervous waits for next day,
at 4a.m. RaNa practice a speech in self camera

JaeKyung is late for beauty salon in the first day of debut!
Lee Sem and Euaerin prepare for voice imitation!
At last in a stand-by room Nine Muses greets others.
Finally Nine Muses go on stage.
Crews pessimistic judgement makes Nine Muses stiff.
Debut stage monitoring, Nine Muses steps forward. Check it out!

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