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  • Artist

    Lee SeungChul

  • Period Active


  • Organized

    30 Nov 0002 KOREA, REPUBLIC OF

  • Type

    Male Solo

  • Genre

    K-POP > Rock

  • Debut

    03 Oct 1986

  • Group



A Korean Singer who first came to prominence with the eighties band 'Boohwal' in 1985! He began his solo career in 1988 and released the 1st album [Don't Say Goodbye]. In 2002 the reunion of 'Boowhal' was enough to put Lee Seoul Chul at the forefront of the K-Pop world. He has been working for a jud...


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List of the Songs of Lee SeungChul
No. Song Album Video
71 The Moon is a dream of sun Cheong Yeon OST View
72 You, to me Cheong Yeon OST View
73 The Western Sky (inst.) Cheong Yeon OST View
74 Long Day Long Day View