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  • Artist


  • Period Active


  • Organized

    30 Nov 1995 KOREA, REPUBLIC OF

  • Type

    Male Group

  • Genre

    K-POP > Ballad

  • Debut

    31 Aug 1997 Only You

  • Members

    Sunghwa Park, Lee SeJoon


Yurisangja is a male vocal duo with ParkSeungHwa and LeeSeJun, and made their debut with first album Pure Love and it was very successful. They became a star duo with many of hit albums and singles and their unique sweet, beautiful voice, harmony.


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2 Snowman Mate View
3 Mate (Inst.) Mate View
4 Snowman (Inst.) Mate View
5 Did you forget ? Yurish.1 View
6 Doll's dream Yurish.1 View
7 Rainy street Yurish.1 View
8 Love you Yurish.1 View
9 Heartbroken Yurish.1 View
10 A jewel box in my heart Yurish.1 View