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Don Mills

  • Male Solo
  • K-POP > Rap/Hiphop


  • Artist

    Don Mills

  • Period Active


  • Organized

    30 Nov 0002 KOREA, REPUBLIC OF

  • Type

    Male Solo

  • Genre

    K-POP > Rap/Hiphop

  • Debut

    30 Nov 0002


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List of the Songs of Don Mills
No. Song Album Video
1 Mr. Trap Hwang Mr. Trap Hwang View
2 Right Now Right Now View
3 Mirae Apartment Right Now View
4 Future Future View
5 Ye I Need Future View
6 2.0 Future View
7 Kidney in the Head Future View
8 Rice Future View
9 Drunken Don Mills Future View
10 E.D.L Future View