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'BOYFRIEND' is a Korean Idol Boy Group under 'Starship Entertainment' which is the agency behind 'SISTAR' and 'K-Will'. The Group consists of the leader 'DongHyun', lead vocal 'HyunSung', vocalist 'JungMin', vocalist 'YoungMin', rapper 'KwangMin' and main dancer & rapper MinWoo. There are two ident...
As new groups like I.O.I and SONAMOO debut, hit singles are released and new collaborations are announced. When there are songs you are looking forward to, you can count on us for the breaking updates that always lead up to a hot release. Of course, we will also tell you all about the television spo...


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List of the Songs of BOYFRIEND
No. Song Album Video
12 Snow Candy STARSHIP PLANET 2013 View
13 Snow Candy (Inst.) STARSHIP PLANET 2013 View
14 On & On On & On View
15 On & On (Inst.) On & On View
16 I Yah I Yah View
17 Janus I Yah View
18 Standing With U I Yah View
19 Good Night I Yah View
20 Excuse Me I Yah View