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Hwang Jung Eum Says Park Seo Joon Said He Thought He Was Kissing a Wall During Kiss Scene

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2015.11.15 12:00 Newsen Hwang Hye Jin

Hwang Jung Eum revealed, "After the kiss scene, Park Seo Joon said, ′I thought I was kissing a wall.′"

Hwang Jung Eum attended a reporters roundtable for the conclusion of MBC′s She Was Pretty at the Shilla Hotel Youngbinkwan Emerald Room in Seoul on November 12, where she shared behind-the-scenes stories from the set.

On working with Park Seo Joon for the second time, following her previous drama MBC′s Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum said, "Seo Joon and I work really well together. If I do something, he gets it right away, and when we′re acting, the back-and-forth is fun. I′m in no position to talk about his acting, but I always thought he′s really good among people my age. I really appreciated him while acting. He made acting worthwhile and fun. When it ended, Park Seo Joon said, ′Nuna. Thank you for making up for the areas I lack in,′ and I feel the same way. The parts I can′t do, (Park Seo Joon) made up for."

She continued, "He′s quick-witted and charming. He′s someone I′m thankful for. He followed my lead well, trusted me and made the atmosphere on set bright. If I was being icy, Park Seo Joon made it fun."

Hwang Jung Eum Says Park Seo Joon Said He Thought He Was Kissing a Wall During Kiss Scene

When asked to choose one memorable scene, Hwang Jung Eum said, "The Xylitol scene and the scene where Kim Shin Hyuk says to remember him as he was leaving was memorable. The writer wrote it so well, I didn′t have to do much. Because I just had to follow the script. I′m not the type that enjoys ad-libbing. They′re words that the writer probably wrote with painstaking care, going over it tens of thousands of times more than me, so rather than do more or do less, I think it′s right to understand exactly what′s written in the script and act. They were all memorable scenes. All of the lines were really good, and I want to work with the writer again soon."

Hwang Jung Eum continued, "The scene where I′m crying while packing was also really good. If I said something, Go Joon Hee, Choi Siwon and Park Seo Joon never said, ′Unnie, that′s not it,′ but just followed my lead. Park Seo Joon has pretty thick lips. I remember the kiss scene. Because Kim Hye Jin is an innocent character, I said I wasn′t going to do anything, and Park Seo Joon said, ′I thought I was kissing a wall.′ I laughed a lot. I also fell asleep during rehearsal. That happened twice, so Park Seo Joon laughed."

Meanwhile, She Was Pretty concluded its run on November 11. Hwang Jung Eum proved once again that she′s an actress you simply trust and watch through her role as Kim Hye Jin, an ′ugly′ woman-turned-beauty, who rekindles a romance with her first love Ji Sung Jun (Park Seo Joon).

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