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[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

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2015.11.11 18:19 Mwave Nancy Lee

As high school students in Korea scramble to cram in a few more hours of studying before the big suneung exam tomorrow, we’ve rounded up a few ace idols we think will give test-takers the extra boost of energy they need.

Whether you’re studying for the suneung, SATs, midterms, finals – whatever exam looms ahead – let us know which idol you want as your study buddy by voting below!

[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

Red Velvet’s Wendy

The Red Velvet members may be Dumb Dumb when it comes to love, but member Wendy proved she’s a total brain when it recently came to light that she received the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence in middle school.

She’s also a mean baker, so you know she’ll have snacks on deck at the study session.

[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

BTS’ Rap Monster

Rap Monster’s smarts earned him a spot on tvN’s The Wise Guys, and he even admitted he was an ambitious student growing up.

From shuttling through 40-50 hakwons back when he was a student to traveling all around the world with BTS as one of today’s hottest idols, Rap Monster must be doing something right.

[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

EXID’s Hani

Hani may be have shot to fame for her sexy image, but K-Pop fans know by now that she’s the whole package, having proved her language and math skills on I’m Going to School.

She also survived the jungle, showing fans that she can persevere through anything.

[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

2PM’s Taecyeon

If you ever need a few pointers in multitasking, talk to Taecyeon.

Taecyeon has been juggling life as a college student with his life as a world-class K-Pop idol, but he somehow makes it work – even if it means taking an exam in his stage costume.

If a busy idol can make it through an exam, so can you!

[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

SNSD’s Seohyun

We can’t talk about ace idols without mentioning Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Seohyun.

She’s another idol juggling school with the celebrity life, but Seohyun handles it with grace, once again proving nothing’s impossible.

We could all use Seohyun’s positive energy to pull us through stressful exams.

[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Study Buddy?

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Don’t let Kyuhyun’s maknae status fool you.

The Super Junior member is smart as a whip, not only keeping his hyungs on their toes, but standing his own among some talk veterans on Radio Star. That is, of course, when he’s not making us swoon with his buttery voice. And working towards a master’s degree.

Kyuhyun truly has it all

Now it’s time to vote!

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