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[Interview] Infinite Wants to Win Best New Singer Award

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2011.10.17 18:23 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Misun Lee

Infinite is at the center of the music arena these days, as the boys are leading a new trend in the idol world. With their title song, Be Mine , the group ranked at the top of the music charts. Paradise , the title song from its repackage album released on September 29, claimed the top spot on both M Countdown and SBS’s Inkigayo . The members could hardly contain their excitement about their success in the music industry.

Leader Kim Sung Kyu said, “I’m very thankful for our fans who have been showing their continuous love and support for us since our debut."

[Interview] Infinite Wants to Win Best New Singer Award

Ever since they stepped into the music industry, the boys have been moving forward without a break, releasing as many as four albums. The group didn′t receive much attention when it first debuted. But with each new release, the group has made a name for itself, as audiences began to see their strong performance and singing. The group said, “We’ve been working without a break because we just wanted to meet fans without a long break. Even though we′re a boy group, our songs carry emotions that appeal to girls. We think that’s the key to our popularity.”

The group has been carrying out promotional activities in Japan as well. After holding a showcase in July, it successfully held its solo concert in September. It will release its official debut album in Japan in November. Unlike other idol groups, there are no members from overseas, but its determination to make it big in other countries is stronger than any other idol group. Seven members learned Japanese well enough to communicate with Japanese fans.

Jang Dong Woo said, “I think performance is more important than language skills when working overseas. I think we are good dancing in sync, and that’s the reason behind our popularity overseas, including Japan.”

[Interview] Infinite Wants to Win Best New Singer Award

Infinite is under contract with Woolim Entertainment, home to musicians known for their unique, quality music like modern rock band Nell and hip-hop group Epik High. Leader Kim Sung Kyu’s original goal was to become a member of a band and not of a boy group. Since their starting was different from other idol members, they are thirsty for good music. The members added they are learning how to play the guitar and other instruments.

Infinite has been smoothly carrying out activities without any obstacles . There weren′t any problems among the members as well.

In response to this, the boys laugh and add, "It′s probably because we just practice and then go home."

Nam Woo Hyun said, “Since we didn’t take a break from our activities, we didn’t have time to rest. We don’t have enough time to practice. Having personal time is next to impossible. That’s why we didn’t get involved in anything that would have people talking.”

Nam Woo Hyun continued, “When we went to Japan to hold a concert in Nigata, we secretly rehearsed at the hotel lobby because we couldn’t rent a practice room. That’s how much we focus on practicing.”

Infinite said its aim for the year is to receive the best new singer award and to claim the top spot of the Oricon chart. It′s surprising to hear a rookie group who debuted last year is aiming for the best new singer award. “Now that we ranked number one on music programs, I′m thirsty for the new singer award,” Jang Dong Woo added.

Since shedding its rookie image, Infinite has been on the right track. The boys showed their determination as they confidently stated, “We’ll show our fans a different style of music. We′ll be singers who can be loved by all ages.”

Photo credit: Woolim Entertainment

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