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[Interview] Park Hyo Joo is Done Warming Up

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2011.10.17 18:20 Mwave Lee, JinHo

When I saw the interview meeting with Park Hyo Joo on my schedule, I thought I would just be meeting another new star of Chungmuro. But even before I met her, I was overwhelmed at who I learned she was while trying to dig up some information for the interview. Eleven films, nine dramas; some were even main roles, and she even had an extensive career in theater. She may have been a new face in Chungmuro, but in the realm of acting, she was as good as any veteran actor.

But upon further evaluation, I realized that it made sense. I noticed that she showed some smooth acting unlike a rookie in Punch with Kim Yun Suk. Her acting and her career gave me confidence that I would be meeting a future top star.

[Interview] Park Hyo Joo is Done Warming Up

Even Making the Original Writer Feel Regret

Punch is a film adaptation of a bestselling book of the same name (Wandeugi), which sold over than 500,000 copies. Every bit of dialogue by Wan Deuk (Yoo Ah In) and Dong Ju (Kim Yun Suk) was picked out from the original novel. But Park Hyo Joo’s role, Ho Jung, was the only role not in the book. She was a ‘hidden card’ to make the film somewhat original in its own way.

“The director said that he wanted to put in a character which resembled the novel’s writer, Kim Ryeo Ryung. I was so worried because my role was one which wasn’t in the original book, so I tried not to stand out too much in this film. Later on writer Kim saw the film and said, ‘Ah~ I should have put [her] in the original, too.’ That was the best bit of praise for me.”

The key to understanding Ho Jung is to understand her love relationship with Dong Ju. Kim Yun Suk, who had never appeared in melodrama genre films, said, “I’ll be showing you deep melodrama starting with this film.”

He kept true to his word, acting in a sweet collaboration with Park.

“This is my third meeting with Kim Yun Suk, including The Chaser. Actually this film is the first film I was able to act directly with him. He is just like a morning market. No matter how tired and sleepy I am, I wake up whenever I meet him. He is that passionate. Kiss scenes? I thought it would be easy because we’re so close... It was sweet but we actually became more awkward (Laugh).”

[Interview] Park Hyo Joo is Done Warming Up

[Interview] Park Hyo Joo is Done Warming Up

“It was like a scene in the film Cinema Paradiso

Park Hyo Joo got a chance to visit Korea’s biggest film festival, as she was invited to the 16th Busan International Film Festival for Punch. Park Hyo Joo never really had much luck with the Busan Film Festival. What meaning would this first meeting have to her?

“I was born and brought up in Busan, but this is the first time in my life I came to Busan because of a film. It’s the first time [the city] has looked so romantic and beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever forget when Punch was screened at the Busan Cinema Center. My body shook as the 4000 members of the audience laughed and reacted together. It was like a scene in the film Cinema Paradiso. I think [the experience] will be a big asset for my future career as an actress.”

She is an actress who has been walking on the same road for 10 years since her 2002 film No Manners. She has also found her place through her various spectrums of film choices. How does she evaluate her own acting, when she says she’s strict toward herself?

“I’m so cold toward myself it’s almost brutal. That’s why it still pains me to watch myself act. Asking me to evaluate my acting is so cruel. But I still feel thankful toward acting and my job as an actress. If I didn’t act, I think I would’ve become a very bad person. It’s a good thing that made me human.”

She said that she had just finished warming up. She tried out some muscles that she had rarely used before, and gained many diverse experiences, making her more laid back. She said it felt like she had just stood in front of the starting line.

It took a long time for her to finish warming up, but as long as it took, she will be able to jump higher and farther. This is also why we must keep our eyes on where the actress Park Hyo Joo will lead us.

◇ Profile
▶ Actress
▶ Birth: October 8, 1982
▶ Body: 168cm, 48kg
▶ Agency: Yuleum Entertainment
▶ Family: Youngest of 2 daughters
▶ Education : Dongduk Womens University Entertainment
▶ Debut: 2001 magazine pictorial

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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