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[Star Dictionary 2.0] Jun Ji Hyun, “’My Sassy Girl’ Was A Sweet Disaster

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2012.07.15 23:03 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

Some may wonder if she′s considered a bigger star than she actually is, but for fans of her 2001 movie My Sassy Girl there’s no shortage of praise.

After 10 years of remaining a mysterious figure, Jun Ji Hyun has drawn closer to fans with her new movie The Thieves. Enews took a slight look at her hidden story.

[Star Dictionary 2.0] Jun Ji Hyun, “’My Sassy Girl’ Was A Sweet Disaster

From CF Star to Korea’s goddess

Speaking honestly, the title of ‘CF star’ has been paired with Jun Jin Hyun since her 1997 debut. After making a debut as a magazine model, she has advertised everything from printers to cars, beverages and more to become one of the most highly regarded CF stars.

But the 2001 movie My Sassy Girl was enough to help shed that image and finally, Jun Ji Hyun was regarded as a movie star. Her popularity was such that people began copying her long hair and caused a syndrome in Korea while attracting some five million viewers to the theaters.

After that, her popularity spread to places like Japan and China to make her one of the original hallyu stars.

Afterwards she shot a series of movies including Daisy, The Man That Was Superman, Blood and more, all which were modest successes, but the movie that remains most in the public’s mind after even ten years is My Sassy Girl.

A mysterious figure for 10 years and the failures

There’s a saying that My Sassy Girl was a blessing for Jun Ji Hyun. This is half true. For the past 10 years what has enabled Jun Ji Hyun to remain in her top spot has been because of My Sassy Girl.

Though she attempted a series of different roles and made efforts in her transformation the results were not as favorable.

The image she showed in My Sassy Girl was so memorable it created a false expectation for the public.

Jun Ji Hyun found her way out through overseas activities and advertisements. Local fans were able to see her through her advertisements and she even appeared in productions in China. But even her overseas work didn’t receive as favorable responses. The expectations placed on her was far too great.

However Jun Ji Hyun continues to remain a closed-off mystery figure from the public.

In an interview with enews she stated, “I’m not dissatisfied with my overseas activities. But there’s something inside me that I can’t fully express that yearns for more. I was disappointed I didn’t feel that feeling as an actor that resonates [with the audience].”

[Star Dictionary 2.0] Jun Ji Hyun, “’My Sassy Girl’ Was A Sweet Disaster

From goddess to communication icon

But Jun Ji Hyun made a 180 degree transformation. For her role as ‘Anycall’ in The Thieves, Jun Ji Hyun first approached director Choi Dong Hoon for the role. Even in the movie she cast away the image of a goddess to become a free-spirited thief.

It doesn’t end there.

When asked at the press conference if there wasn’t any moments of tension with fellow actress Kim Hye Soo, Jun Ji Hyun responded, “I can’t even compete. Everything beginning from my chest size I can’t compete [with her],” which showed a warmer and funnier side to the actress.

The press began saying the actress had begun breaking down the aura of mystery around her.

Jun Ji Hyun shared, “Truthfully I am just who I am. I didn’t become different after marriage. I think things got more comfortable thanks to [the cast].”

But the clear fact remains that Jun Ji Hyun has changed.

Rather than being a mysterious person she has become like a close neighbor and has begun resonating with the audiences. For Jun Ji Hyun who was trapped in the typecast from My Sassy Girl, she finally had found her own wings.

After 10 years since My Sassy Girl, Jun Ji Hyun the actress is finally beginning to draw close to her fans.

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