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[Interview] Uee Says No One was Worried About Her Romance Rumors with Kwang Hee

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2015.08.09 11:00 Newsen Yoon Hyo Jung

Uee opened up about romance rumors with Kwang Hee.

Uee, who starred as Jang Yoon Ha in SBS′ High Society, sat down for an interview on August 3, where she talked about ZE:A′s Kwang Hee, whom she went on a blind date with on MBC′s Infinity Challenge.

[Interview] Uee Says No One was Worried About Her Romance Rumors with Kwang Hee

[Interview] Uee Says No One was Worried About Her Romance Rumors with Kwang Hee

[Interview] Uee Says No One was Worried About Her Romance Rumors with Kwang Hee

Kwang Hee previously said he would visit Uee on the set of her drama. When asked about this, Uee said, "Kwang Hee didn′t come to the set. Please write that he didn′t come." She continued, "He contacted me, but I think he′s busy with the song festival. He even asked when I′d be finished, but I was filming all night and I think Kwang Hee is really busy too. He said let′s meet up when filming ends, but I haven′t heard from him yet."

When asked if the romance rumors with Kwang Hee made it difficult to focus on the drama, Uee said, "Rather than that, people asked more about Kwang Hee than Joon Ki (Sung Jun′s character), so I felt sorry to Sung Jun and the High Society team. People should have recalled Joon Ki when they saw me, but they asked a lot about Kwang Hee. The PD even joked, ′What do you think about offering Kwang Hee a cameo?′ but I felt sorry towards Joon Ki and the team, so I said that wouldn′t be a good idea."

Uee said, "I have a lot of same-age colleagues, but we don′t have get-togethers. I′m close to Han Seung Yeon, Park Gyuri and Yubin, who are all the same age as me, but there are quite a lot, like Taecyeon and Kwang Hee. I think they′re all playing an active role in their respective fields. I got closer to Kwang Hee this time, and when the song festival is over, we′ll grab a meal. As I said before, I′m going to go out with a full face of makeup on. Kwang Hee says to wear a hat, but I′m going to wear makeup, go like it′s an official event and post it on SNS. I′m going to go openly."

Uee revealed that the romance rumors of her with Kwang Hee are her first, saying "The agency isn′t really worried either. This is my first time being involved in romance rumors that no one is concerned about, and this is my first pleasant scandal. It′s my first scandal where people around me have been wishing it works out for us, and it′s my first time receiving a one-sided confession." She added with a laugh, "I also didn′t know it′d wane this quickly."

Meanwhile, Uee starred in High Society as a chaebol daughter, who had an unhappy childhood and dreams of a real love. She matures as she experiences growing pains through work and love. Uee won the hearts of viewers for bringing the charms of the loveliness of youth and a level-headed lover to life.

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