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SNSD′s Yoona Chooses Members Over Lee Seung Gi

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2015.07.21 16:26 Mwave Lee, JinHo

"I want to feed the SNSD members first."

Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yoona, who will take on a cooking program on On Style′s Channel SNSD, expressed her affection for the members.

When asked why she′s focusing on cooking at the production presentation for On Style′s Channel SNSD, held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on July 21, Yoona said, "I′ve always been interested in it, so I wanted to try it. The fans are also curious about my cooking, so that′s how I came to do ′Yum Yum TV.′

SNSD′s Yoona Chooses Members Over Lee Seung Gi

When asked, "Who do you want to feed the food you make first? Choose from Baek Jong Won, Lee Soo Man and Lee Seung Gi," Yoona said with a laugh, "I think you already had the answer in mind when you asked that question," before saying "If I cook, I think I′d try it at home. I think I′d feed my family first. I also sent photos from the ′Yum Yum TV′ shoot to the members first. I want to feed the members."

The reality show is a program centered on topics that suit each member the best or an area the members always wanted to try. The members will show their daily lives through ′Tiffany X,′ ′Beauty & Body Show,′ ′What Should I Wear Today?′ ′Maknae′s Double Life,′ ′Bright Girl′s Challenge,′ ′Yum Yum TV,′ ′Self Master,′ and ′Private Fun Life.′ Viewers will be able to see Yoona cooking through ′Yum Yum TV.′

Yoona said, "Rather than show something that I′ve cooked, I wanted to learn. I think it′ll be a show that will fulfill my personal interests."

Sooyoung added, "I was really envious of Yoona′s ′Yum Yum TV.′ It′s not easy trying a field you′re really interested in. That′s why I think Yoona will be able to fulfill her personal interests through the show."

Channel SNSD will air on July 21 at 9 p.m. KST.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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