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[Poll] Which Idol Group Member Flew Solo Best?

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2012.07.10 20:02 Mwave Nancy Lee

We are all for teamwork and the power in numbers, but some idol stars almost have too much personality to be just one-fourth, one-fifth or, in some cases, one-eleventh of a larger group. Almost..

As such, many idol group members have made successful solo debuts, while others, we’re sure, are patiently waiting their turn to have the spotlight all to themselves (although they may not admit it).

But we want to know which idol group member you think went solo best.

Of course, we want our favorite idol groups to stay together forever as much as the next K-Pop fan — but we can’t deny that some stars were meant to shine on their own, so vote in our poll and let us know who you think flew solo best.

[Poll] Which Idol Group Member Flew Solo Best?


Our first idol star may seem like an obvious choice for this poll, but that only proves our point. G-Dragon will always have the Big Bang name to fall back on, but the singer-rapper-producer-style icon extraordinaire has also become a brand unto himself.

The Big Bang leader exceeded fans’ incredibly high expectations of his solo debut with Heartbreaker, but G-Dragon has been breaking the idol star mold since his debut with Big Bang, composing and producing a number of the group’s hit songs.

G-Dragon is essentially the modern day Midas, but he doesn’t need magic to stand on his own.

[Poll] Which Idol Group Member Flew Solo Best?


Wooyoung is not about sharing with his fellow 2PM members this time around as he takes front and center with solo single Sexy Lady.

If 2PM’s image was a little locker room buddy, Wooyoung turns up the suave for Sexy Lady and steps out his members’ shadows with confidence and flash. From the new platinum ‘do to the studded shirts and fancy footwork, it’s all about Wooyoung.

[Poll] Which Idol Group Member Flew Solo Best?

Jo Kwon

Leaving his 2AM balladeer image in the dust, Jo Kwon cranks up the kkab in I’m Da Best.

If going solo means stepping out of the box, Jo Kwon crashed through the door with his solo debut. From rocking 20 cm heels to dancing with dancers on leashes, when we say Jo Kwon went all out, we mean he went all out.

He definitely has the personality to fill a stage all on his own, but does he have what it takes to go solo for good?

[Poll] Which Idol Group Member Flew Solo Best?

Park Bom

While we’re sure fans have been holding out for a solo release from 2NE1’s leader CL, Park Bom has certainly proved she’s solo artist material with hit songs You and I and Don’t Cry.

Since her trainee days, Park Bom has been praised for her vocal talent, and her solo songs have served to showcase her powerful voice.

Park Bom may not get as much attention as the other 2NE1 members, but with idol stars getting away with being called singers these days based on a few lines in a song, we’re certain the 2NE1 vocalist’s talent will take her far.

[Poll] Which Idol Group Member Flew Solo Best?


Although Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Taeyeon may not have released a solo album yet, she is giving Baek Ji Young a run for her money and proving to be an OST queen in her own right.

From If off of the Hong Gil Dong soundtrack to Can You Hear Me from the Beethoven’s Virus OST and, most recently, Missing You Like Crazy of The King 2Hearts, drama producers have quickly learned that if you can get Taeyeon to lend her sweet vocals on your drama’s OST, you’re as good as gold.


So which idol member′s solo venture was the best? Let us know by voting below!

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