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Yoona on Her New Hair, How SNSD Has Changed and More

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2015.06.27 13:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

Amidst the hype surrounding Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s comeback this summer, the members gathered for a special photo shoot with The Celebrity.

The theme of the spread was ′SNSD′s Utopia,′ and the members each chose an image of a woman they want to emulate.

Yoona on Her New Hair, How SNSD Has Changed and More

SNSD′s Yoona chose to personify a charismatic actress in her shot, and in the recently-released interview accompanying the spread, she opened up about her current state of mind.

"Before, I wore what others picked out for me, and took whatever I was given," said Yoona. "Because I didn′t know myself, indecisive was all I could be. These days, I′m able to say things because I know myself a little better. I′m choosing things on my own and giving my opinion."

Perhaps to go along with her newfound sense of self, Yoona also debuted a bolder, much lighter hair color recently, and on the change, she said, "I′m still not used to it. When I go out, I feel like I stand out more because of my hair. I′m already so used to going out in secret so I don′t stand out, and with my new hair, I feel even more like I can′t go out fresh-faced."

On her fellow SNSD members, Yoona said, "All of the SNSD members have grown. Because we′re each other′s foundation. The experiences of eight members are being shared. We all have different talents and areas we′re individually active, so it′s like one member′s talents and experiences serve as another member′s experience."

When she was reminded that SNSD′s 10-year anniversary isn′t too far away, Yoona said, "I think when we hit 10 years, I′m going to feel really proud. I want to be a cool sunbae figure like what I feel when I see BoA unnie or the Shinhwa oppas."

Photo credit: The Celebrity

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