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[Interview] 2PM Wooyoung Was Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rain and JYP

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2012.07.10 00:04 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Which group first comes to mind when you hear the word ‘beast-dol’? It’s probably 2PM.

2PM boasts a strong base of female fans thanks to its members’ fit muscular bodies, tall heights and wild dance moves.

The members surely are some of the most fit celebrities in the business, seeing how Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Chansung and Jang Wooyoung all made it to the cover of the magazine Men’s Health.

[Interview] 2PM Wooyoung Was Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rain and JYP

Their looks and bodies aren’t all they have, though.

The group has continued to work hard since its debut in 2008, and managed to spill over Korea into a hallyu star that rules over all of Asia. 2PM is the only group that has held a series of concerts at Japan Tokyo’s Budokan for six days nearly in a row.

2PM still continues to grow in 2012, but in the midst of its progress, one of the six members announced he would temporarily be breaking off from the group to pursue his solo activities.

His name is Jang Wooyoung, the first member from a JYP Entertainment group to release a solo album. Jang Wooyoung released his solo album, 23, Male, Single on July 8 and will soon perform not as 2PM, but as Jang Wooyoung onstage.

How do you feel about the release of your solo album?

“Last year, when we were promoting Hands Up, [Park] Jin Young hyung (big brother) told me I should release a solo album because he thought I ‘should be the first to go solo.’ At the time I said of course, but I was concerned. I want to work hard and make it fun since Jin Young hyung gave me the opportunity first.”

Why was Jang Wooyoung chosen out of the other members?

“I learned of this later on, but I heard Jin Young hyung had said during my audition that he just had to sign me and that he thought I would definitely be successful. I was surprised and a bit taken aback. I think it means that I should do my best. I want to perform in performances that meet expectations as a solo singer.”

If you’ve heard praise like that, your solo debut must’ve been even more pressuring.

“I’m really pressured. I feel first that I should do well. I can only think of how to work hard during my promotions so that I won’t regret it. I feel a heavy responsibility since it’s my first solo album.”

Your first single cut is titled ‘Sexy Lady’. Can we look forward to seeing some sexy?

“I liked even just the title of the song when I first met it. I wanted to show my fans a lot of things, and I think Sexy Lady will be the starting point. I want to show off a sexy that only I can pull off not only through my performance, but also through my clothes and the general form.”

[Interview] 2PM Wooyoung Was Inspired by Michael Jackson, Rain and JYP

Since it’s a solo album, it seems Jang Wooyoung’s style will definitely show.

“I can’t really tell what my color is yet. That’s why my first solo album contains songs of many different colors. I have many styles from confident songs to songs for fans and sweet and sexy songs. I think I’ll get to know my color through the reactions from the public.”

What does it mean to you to be releasing a solo album when you’re the member of a group?

“Wanting to release a solo album isn’t the only correct way to take. You can want to act while keeping your idol group together. It’s just that for me, I dreamed of becoming a solo singer even before debuting as the member of a group."

"I dreamed not only of becoming a solo singer, but of becoming a solo dance singer. Michael Jackson, Park Jin Young and Rain; these three people made me want to be a singer. I’m personally very happy that I got to fulfill my dream.”

What’s your goal for your solo album?

“I want to be recognized as a solo singer through this album. I want to be acknowledged so that I can cause a synergy effect when I’m back with 2PM. To naturally gather more support for 2PM; that’s what I aim for.”

Photo credit: JYP

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