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[Video] L is the Most Handsome and Highest Paid in Infinite

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2012.07.09 12:51 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Following after Sohee, Infinite’s L appeared on Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 and expressed the same confidence in his looks.

To air on July 9, Beatles Code featured the members of Infinite, who shared who was the most handsome and highest paid member in the group.

The lucky member turned out to be L.

[Video] L is the Most Handsome and Highest Paid in Infinite

Woohyun said, “As the highest paid member, L is known as the member who most often buys the best food for the staff.”

To this, L replied, “If I spend as much as I earn, I believe that it’ll all come back to me.”

Then he shyly added, maintaining his humility, “Although I’m the highest paid, the difference is a mere 10,000 won or so (~9USD).

While appearing shy and humble when talking about money, L turned 180 degrees when the Beatles Code panel began talking about the member rankings of looks.

Similar to Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s response, L said that, in the group, he ranks in the 0th place, far more superior than first.

Then he quickly added, “But each member of Infinite has a unique charm about them, so it’s hard to say who ranks first.”

With L’s wishy-washy ways, MC Tak Jae Hoon said, “I can’t make out his true image because he keeps going back and forth.”

[Video] L is the Most Handsome and Highest Paid in Infinite

Dong Woo also shared a time when he did the famous ‘candy kiss’ with an older girlfriend before his debut. He then sang Noel’s Destiny, reminiscing about his first love.

L and Dong Woo’s stories will be shared on Beatles Code on July 9.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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