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[Concert Review] Wonder Girls Sums Up Its Last Three Years with an Exclusive Concert

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2012.07.09 12:41 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The world has been changing faster and faster with every year, month and day. K-Pop has been no exception; no, it’s even been changing faster than average with its unending flood of new singers.

[Concert Review] Wonder Girls Sums Up Its Last Three Years with an Exclusive Concert

Wonder Girls took the biggest blow compared to other singers because of this new trend, because the group was away from K-Pop for a considerable amount of time due to its promotions in America.

This year, however, the group proved it was still strong in Korea with Like This, and held its Wonder World concert on July 7, its first in three years since its last in March 2009. The group proved in front of the 6,000 fans gathered for its concert how much it had grown.

Its first exclusive concert tour went well but could’ve gone better, and so for Wonder World Wonder Girls let loose with better performances using the experience it had gained while touring America and Asia.

The concert started about 20 minutes later than scheduled, but fans didn’t care as they were happy to see Wonder Girls in person. The members also seemed to feel this passion, and delivered splendid performances with a string of hits.

Sun said, “I’m happier than I was for our first concert three years ago,” and Sohee added, “We’ll be going on our Wonder World tour starting with [our Seoul concert].”

The girls sang out many hits such as Like This, Sweet Dream, The DJ is Mine, Girls Girls, This Fool, Be My Baby, 2 Different Tears, Girl Friend and Long Long Time to cheers from their fans.

[Concert Review] Wonder Girls Sums Up Its Last Three Years with an Exclusive Concert

The spotlights and fireworks were soon followed by the members’ tears. The members shed tears after seeing an event the fans had prepared near the end of the concert.

Sun said, “It’s already been six years since we’ve stayed together. We were able to perform like this thanks to the love shown us by each and every one of you. Thank you for embracing us with love. These feelings are the biggest present for us.”

Yenny also said in tears, “I didn’t expect anything, but thank you.”

Lim, who had joined the group later on, said, “This was my first concert and I was worried because I didn’t have enough time to prepare. I don’t know whether it’s right for me to be so loved, but I’m working hard. Please show me your support.”

Yubin said, “I was surprised. We’ll be wrapping up our promotions in Korea with this concert, our first in three years, as our last performance. Still, don’t be too sad. A JYP Nation concert is coming up on August 4.”

Sohee topped the moment with laughs, saying, “I won’t cry since I’m a strong woman.”

Wonder World provided a great chance for fans to see how much the group had grown through the laughter, performances and tears spilled onstage. It left everyone with hope that the group would be even better when it came back next time.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment

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