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[Concert Review] Shinhwa Colors Beijing Orange with Finale of Asia Tour

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2012.07.09 10:05 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Korea’s one and only 14-year-old idol group Shinhwa marked the grand finale of its 2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour – The Return, which had toured through eight cities in Asia for a total of 10 performances with 100,000 fans, in Beijing.

The concert was the group’s first in the city, and had sold out all 8,000 seats as soon as they were made available for sale.

[Concert Review] Shinhwa Colors Beijing Orange with Finale of Asia Tour

Shinhwa performed on July 7 in Beijing for more than two hours with 20 performances, singing out its old hits along with some new tracks from its 10th album including Venus and Hurts.

The concert started with the group’s 1999 hit single T.O.P., from its second studio album, and continued with performances of Hey, Come On!, Wild Eyes, Perfect Man, Eusha! Eusha!, Brand New and Venus, talk sessions and videos.

The videos especially drew great reactions from fans for showing how the members were offstage, as well as the close bond they shared.

Jun Jin still hadn’t fully recovered from his disc surgery, but stood onstage with the other members although he didn’t dance for the more difficult pieces.

Kim Dong Wan said, “[Jun] Jin is in pain, but he’s come,” and Jun Jin added, “Andy’s back is hurting too, but we came onstage for our fans.”

Placards with each member’s name on them, giant orange fans and light sticks filled the venue and swayed like an orange sea during the entire concert.

The audience, as well as Shinhwa’s official fanclub Shinhwa Changjo, welcomed the group to Beijing by continuously shouting out the group’s unique cheer, “Shinhwa San.”

For the performance of Once in a Lifetime, a ballad single from the group’s eighth studio album, the entire audience stood up to draw hearts with their arms and show their love for the members.

Lee Min Woo commented, “Thank you for the hearts. Although we speak different languages, we know that you love Shinhwa all the same. Shinhwa will stay strong to repay you for that love.”

[Concert Review] Shinhwa Colors Beijing Orange with Finale of Asia Tour

The audience continued to demand an encore even after the members had gone offstage, prompting them to appear onstage again to say goodbye with performances of Yo! and Oh!.

They then called all of the staff members who had helped them with the tour onstage, called out their names and promised the audience they would all come again.

The concert brought together Shinhwa and its fans, who boast a history of 14 years, yet again, and expressed the thankfulness the group felt for the fans who had waited for its comeback.

For the members themselves, it was a time in which they could look back on their career, and know that they weren’t merely a name of the past.

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company

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