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Ye Won Hand-Writes a Letter of Apology to Lee Tae Im, ′We Got Married′ Staff, and Henry

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2015.06.03 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

After it was confirmed that she will be exiting MBC′s We Got Married, Ye Won posted up a hand-written letter of apology.

She posted on her Twitter on June 2 a hand-written letter of apology to the staff of We Got Married, her partner, Super Junior-M′s Henry, and Lee Tae Im.

The following is her apology letter.

Ye Won Hand-Writes a Letter of Apology to Lee Tae Im, ′We Got Married′ Staff, and Henry

Hello, this is Ye Won.

It took too long for me to write this letter that I′m not sure how I can express my apologetic heart.

As it was my first time experiencing such a huge ordeal with so many people′s situations hanging by my words, I was unable to make a statement in a simple manner. Even now, I am very careful with each letter that I am writing.

But even though it is late, I have gathered the courage to write this letter.

Honestly, during the We Got Married filming, it was very hard and scary for me to meet many people that I wanted to quit so many times. However, as the We Got Married staff, filming staff, many affiliates, and Henry continued to lead me on, despite me lacking in so much, I realized that it would be even more irresponsible for me to give up on everything because these unintentional issues that they had to experience because of me were difficult.

I am very apologetic to all the affiliates who suffered because of me, and I only have an apologetic heart for Henry, who did his best and was a strength to me as a partner.

I sincerely apologize to the viewers who were uncomfortable watching me, as well as to the people who supported me for giving them disappointment.

Finally, I want to sincerely apologize for my immature actions and insensibility in social life during the Tutoring Different Generations filming to Lee Tae Im sunbaenim, who has probably worked on her dreams for a longer time than I have.

Ye Won Hand-Writes a Letter of Apology to Lee Tae Im, ′We Got Married′ Staff, and Henry

Lee Tae Im and Ye Won was revealed to have conflict involving profanity in March during the filming of Tutoring Different Generations. Due to the controversy, Lee Tae Im exited from all of her programs.

Ye Won′s agency, Star Empire Entertainment, claimed that Ye Won was a victi, until a video was released showing the truth in the situation. Star Empire has since then apologized for its hasty claims.

As Lee Tae Im was having a time of self-reflection, Ye Won continued to appear on We Got Married, receiving much criticism from the public.

It was recently announced that she will be leaving the show.

Photo Credit: Ye Won′s Twitter

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