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[Twitter Roundup] SNSD Hyoyeon Debates on a Haircut, Big Bang Seungri Shoots Fans a Selfie and More

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2015.05.12 19:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The SNS world is quick and always on the move, so we capture some of the day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - Check it all out!

Blond and handsome Seungri of Big Bang shot fans a nice smile.

CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun announced to fans, "I did a reading."

SNSD′s Hyoyeon asked fans for advice, saying, "Should I cut it? Should I not? Should I cut it? Should I not? Short bob? How about short bob Hyo?"

BEAST′s Yong Jun Hyung posted a picture of Yoon Dujun, saying, "Whenever I turn on the TV, I end up seeing you smiling."

B.A.P′s Daehyun posted a picture of Himchan, writing, "You even followed me here. Don′t like me too much, hyung."

Himchan later posted a picture of Daehyun, writing, "Rainy Day."

GOT7′s Yugyeom thanked everyone for the good work, writing, "The last day in the U.S. To all the employees, staff, and members, you all did great work. Lastly, IGOT7, thanks once again."

Lee Soo Hyuk provided great eye candy with his best bud, Kim Young Kwang.

Super Junior′s Donghae happily greeted fans, posting, "Linda McCartney."

Photo Credit: The SNS of all stars mentioned above

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